rainy day 12k

Hi! Can’t believe it’s Sunday already.. I’ve been blogging for a whole WEEK! :) Apparently my nephew, Otis, has been inspired to start his own blog, too.IMG_3130.JPG
Brent and I headed to church this morning then we were off to my weekly TJ’s trip. You. Guys. I am so pumped for this ->

IMG_3124.JPGThis is definitely working its way in to a dinner this week. Also, saw this on TJ’s instagram and knew I must purchase it.

IMG_3123.JPGAfter TJ’s, I whipped up a little breakfast complete with pumpkin spice coffee (it’s still fall, right?) in holiday mugs!!


IMG_3126.JPGFrench toast made with egg whites, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice & vanilla almond milk, topped with two dippy eggs. Delicious.

I am a little sore from the race yesterday (recap below) but really wanted to try an online barre3 class. I used the code from Gina’s blog for a 15-day free trial as part of her Favorite Things giveaway (<– check it out if you haven't.. I want to win ALL THE Things!!). I wanted a quick workout (and let's be real, I just don't feel like showering today), so I simply selected the "10minute" and "total body" options, and there were TONS in that category to choose from. I picked out Studio Strength: Total Body, threw on some purebarre sticky socks and got to it!

IMG_3127.JPGUmm, ended up sweating anyway with just a 10 minute workout! I can’t wait to try a longer session, too.

12South Winter Warmup

Woke up nice and early yesterday morning for a race in the 12 South neighborhood. PB + banana toast before

IMG_3092.JPGI ran the 12k, and Brent ran the 6k. We got super lucky, and the rain held off!

IMG_3093.JPGIt was a fun race despite the cold, windy conditions! Plus, the director started the race by announcing, “Welcome to the 12 South Hunger Games!”, which I appreciated.

IMG_3135.PNGI fared pretty well… I even hit a couple sub-9:00 miles, which is absolutely unheard of for me running these Nashville hills (my first run after running in Memphis for years rocked my face. Ouch.)

IMG_3131.JPGThe course was a loop through the 12South neighborhood that you completed once for the 6k and twice for the 12k.

IMG_3099.JPG The only problem with that is that after running up a couple killer hills during the first lap, I knew I would have to do them again

Not to worry, I had Mark & Bruno on my side for motivation.

Oh, and all of the mile markers were in “k”s… I just can’t do that math, so I relied on ole Garmin to let me know where the heck I was on the course. Translation: 6k = 3.728mi & 12k = 7.456mi.

After a chilly walk to the car, we made our way to Mad Donna’s in East Nashville to replenish all of the calories we just burned!

IMG_3103.JPGBloody Mary bar + 2-for-1 mimosas, done and done.

IMG_3112.JPGAfter our liquid appetizers, I had the Maltese omelette (spinach, tomatoes, carmelized onions, artichoke hearts) with English muffins on the side (requirement.. Must. Make. Everything. Into. A. Sandwich.) while Brent went with the biscuits and gravy.


IMG_3113.JPGLater in the day, we met up with a few friends to watch the SEC Championship game.


IMG_3119.JPG^^next year’s Christmas card picture right there, boys! A couple of my coworkers met up with us too. I was still a bit rungry in the afternoon, so I ordered a sausage + cheese plate. Always a winner.

IMG_3120.JPGPretty great little Saturday!

salmon TWO ways

I picked up some salmon at Whole Foods this morning (the TJ’s salmon just never looks right to me.. Has anyone tried it??). I was going to just use the jalepeño cranberry sauce (SO good) on top of the salmon, but the pesto quinoa spread was calling.

IMG_3145-0.PNGI baked the salmon filets (seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary & garlic) @ 450* for about 14min and roasted the asparagus (sprinkled with TJ’s garlic salt) alongside the salmon for 12min.


IMG_3139.JPGI settled on splitting each filet in half and using both sauces (Christmas colors!!!). I voted pesto as the best(-o), and Brent liked the cranberry.. It’s a tie!

IMG_3142.JPGSo good!

Now I’m just winding down and watching the Grizzlies game. Have a great night!


Find out your drunken elf name… You’re welcome. Love, Sloshy Hammeredtime


What’s the weirdest distance race you’ve ever run?

Barre fan? Ever tried a barre3 class?

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