birthday week + WIAW

Good morning! Hope you’re having a good week so far! As this post is going up, I will have just finished up a elliptical cardio + butt workout (which I’ll share with you later). Hump day!

It’s birthday week over here, and it started off with a birthday coupon from Moe’s.. YES. Best email ever.IMG_3155.PNGBrent and I picked up some burrito bowls Monday night served with some quick, homemade guac.


IMG_3147.JPGSince Brent is out of town for a couple days, I had to rescue his last two avocados, obviously. I mashed them up and simply added salt + a few spoonfuls of TJ’s salsa. Easy… And didn’t have to pay extra for it at Moe’s this time.



My first link-up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday! Yay! These are actually my eats from Tuesday, but I’m sharing them with you on Wednesday, so it counts!

After a super tough circuit workout at my gym in the morning, I heated up some oatmeal at work (old fashioned oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein, cinnamon, all soaked in vanilla almond milk in the fridge overnight) & sliced a banana on top.


Apple slices + that awesome PB with flax/chia seeds I bought from TJ’s this weekend.


Best. Wrap. Ever. I’m obsessed.

IMG_3146.JPGWhole wheat wrap, laughing cow Swiss cheese wedge, spinach, turkey, Fuji apple slices & 1/4 sliced avocado. I wanted two of them.

IMG_3159.JPG I also had an unpictured clementine… I packed two but one was mushy and poison. After lunch, I helped myself to the community chocolate in my coworker’s desk (must-have during the busy holidays). Dove milk choc + PB!


IMG_3161.JPGmmhm-kay, Dove


IMG_3166.JPGSpaghetti squash! Added some roasted kale and a little (ok, a lot) of quinoa pesto on top. I just haven’t stopped thinking about that stuff since Sunday.

more snacks!!!
About an hour after dinner, I popped a mini bag of Skinny Girl Lime+Salt popcorn (<– soooo good).

IMG_3168.JPGYes, this was eaten on my bed, because my bed is next to my space heater which is where all happiness and warmth comes from.

In other Skinny Girl news, my roommate Sara and I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show while sipping some champagne (BIRTHDAY WEEK).


IMG_3174.JPGHad to cheers by the tree:)

Have a great Wednesday, and I’ll check in later with that workout!


Did you watch the VS Fashion Show or are you against those kinds of things?? I’m a sucker for sparkly things.

What did you eat on this Wednesday?

Anyone else celebrate birthday week? I think they deserve a whole week:)

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