30 before 30

Hola! Today, I unveil my 30 before 30 list! This was a great idea my sister had, and I look forward to sharing updates as I cross things off the list (one of my favorite hobbies).

This morning, I had signed up for a hot yoga class, but then remembered I still have a few days left of my online barre3 free trial. (PS, I won Fitnessista’s giveaway for the barre3 challenge pack!! It really is birthday week!). IMG_3194.JPGSince I skipped out on hot yoga, I turned on my beloved space heater

IMG_3196.JPG(isn’t she beautiful?) and decided to make it a hot barre workout.

IMG_3199.JPG(image source) No, not that kind of hot bar… Although I really want to go to Whole Foods now. I picked the “Barre Instructor Favorite” workout, and promptly turned off the space heater after the first 3 minutes.


IMG_3198.JPGBecause you can never have enough feet pictures…

30 before 30

So, starting tomorrow, I would like to have completed this list by my next birthday! Here is a brief (sort of) breakdown–>

1. Start a blog: ok, so crossed this one off a liiiittle early, but I just couldn’t wait
2. Volunteer with Girls on the Run: Been wanting to do this for years. Super excited that Nashville has a council, and I have something in the works that I’ll announce later:)
3. Attend blog conference: not sure which one, but would love to learn more and make some connections (a little trip to Denver or LA wouldn’t be the worst thing ever…)
4. New York trip: hope to go next winter with my sister!
5. Take golf lesson: I worked at a golf course for a few years in Memphis but only learned how to make BLT sandwiches. It’d be nice to be able to play without line-driving my ball into oncoming traffic.
6. Pay off loan: oh, PT school. This is a smaller loan that has mostly become a nuisance that I must rid myself of
7. Learn to change a tire: as much as I love waiting on AAA during these emergencies, it’d be handy to know how to change it myself and be on my way
8. Half marathon in new city: specifically, a city I haven’t run in before… My eye is on you, San Fran…
9. Attend a bible study
10. Read 10 books: I have a list
11. Organize recipe binder: so. many. recipes. Need them all in one place
12. Pay for a stranger anonymously: stand behind me in line at Starbucks this year. You may get lucky:)
13. Bike trails in Nashville: haven’t done this since I moved, and I know there are some good ones out there!
14. Watch 20 movies: I have a list. Yes, more lists within a list
15. Wine tasting class: would like to describe a wine’s taste other than YUM GIVE ME THE WHOLE BOTTLE
16. 40 Days with Jesus: complete this 40-day devotional by Sarah Young during Lent
17. Church more than once a month: already started this! Brent and I found a great church we really like!
18. Meet a blog friend in person: because that would just be fun to meet someone I stalk (or make the stalkage less creepy if I knew them in person)
19. Plan a 30th birthday party: yes, for myself. You’re invited
20. Camping or cabin weekend: now that I live closer to the mountainous regions, I need to take advantage
21. SUP yoga class: because I want to embarrass myself by falling off of a paddle board into the water while crescent lunging. But really, I love SUP-ing and yoga-ing so it’s a match made in heaven
22. Go rafting or kayaking: haven’t been white water rafting in years… Ocoee trip, anyone?
23. Trip with college girlfriends: I just really miss them. Them making a trip to Nashville also counts:)
24. Take a brewery tour: because I’ve never been on one. YAY BEER.
25. Climb a rock wall: I see you, Climb Nashville
26. Eat at 30 Nashville restaurants: you guessed it, I have a list
27. Take a blog photo class: or at least learn how to use my camera properly
28. Post a video on the blog: I apologize for any awkwardness in advance
29. Cook a quiche: who doesn’t love a good quiche??
30. Run with a running group: East Nasty??

So, a few of them are blog-centered goals of mine, but I think I have quite a few fun ones, too! I won’t bore you with my lists-within-a-list, but I’ll let you know when I read a book, watch a movie…and you can be sure I’ll take a thousand pictures when I eat at a new restaurant!

Off to bed before the big 2-9 tomorrow! Night!


Good news, everyone.


Any suggestions for my list?

What would be on your 30 before 30 list?

Is anyone else listening to this song on repeat?

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