that workout I promised you

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I share with you this Christm-ASS workout (I couldn’t help myself.. Punning is genetic, you know). IMG_3171.JPGAlternative workout titles if you’d prefer: Holiday Hiney, Holiday Ham… You get the gist.

What you’ll need:

– Dumbells (I used 15lb)
– Swiss ball
– Resistance band (one you can tie around your ankles)
– optional: during kneeling exercises (the first 3), use a balance/dynadisk under your nonworking knee.

You can definitely do this workout without any weights at all! You can repeat this workout 2-3x if you’re feeling crazy.

The moves:
weighted donkey kick

rainbow leg lifts

fire hydrants

frog leg lifts
<– 3rd exercise down

single leg bridges <– do them on your heel to really target the butt

hamstring curls w/balls

Single leg deadlift into a single leg squat
Perform a single leg deadlift (use 2 weights).

IMG_3185.JPGThen, transition into a single-leg squat on the same standing leg as the deadlift; the leg that was lifted during the deadlift will come down next to the standing leg.. Just touch your toe of that leg to the ground with NO weight through it. Frame both dumbbells around the leg you’re squatting with (all weight through the heel of your foot).


curtsy lunge with hip abduction
Perform a curtsy lunge (all your weight in the heel of the front leg)

IMG_3180.JPGThen, bring the back leg straight out to the side as you stand up, keeping your toes pointing straight ahead.

IMG_3181.JPGwhat’s up 5am hair!

side step squats
Place band around ankles, squat down low and take 20 side steps (make sure you keep tension on the band) to right and then back to the left.


I paired this routine with 30min of cardio while reading my book (and then I left the book at the gym, wha!).

IMG_3176.JPGLove the pink machines:)

Let me me know if you try it!

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