I turn 29 today! It’s a Friday, I’m off work, and we even have some blue skies and sunshine in Nashville finally!! My last year in the 25-29 running age group… Ladies just keep getting faster too in the 30s, geez.IMG_3216.PNGI am so excited about this next year! So many things to look forward to, including my 30 before 30 list.

Last night, a couple of my coworkers hosted a ladies’ night at their home. Give me a party with a “leggings and house shoes” dress code, and I’m there. Oh, and drinks:)

IMG_3207.JPGThe girls were such great hostesses and had champagne (with hibiscus syrup…amazing) ready for me and lots of snacks of the Cheez-It variety. I took them some TJ’s chocolates as a small thank you!


IMG_3208.JPG(Their house is “cowboy Christmas” themed.. Oh, Nashville). Naturally, I brought my favorite party game, Cards Against Humanity, in hopes of getting to know my coworkers better. It was definitely a hit, and I’m happy that there are some sick-minded people out there besides me.

IMG_3209.JPGIt was such a fun night, and I ended up staying up way past my bedtime. Thank goodness for days off!

birthday day

Woke up to this

IMG_3211.PNGfrom my sister. Well done, Suzi. Got out of bed a little too early for my liking with just six hours of sleep but I was TOO EXCITED for my birthday present to myself: a Barry’s Boot Camp class!


Yes, I really do get excited for these things. The classes are a little too pricey for me ($22 a class), but I’ve been wanting to try it! My birthday gift to myself made me want to throw up a little, but it was an awesome class with Antonio. He kept yelling, “You’re killing it, Katrina!!”… Close enough. It’s an hour-long class, switching back and forth between treadmill intervals and weights with a bench.

IMG_3218.PNGToday was “Total Body” day, and I’m pretty sure my biceps are going to fall off later. If I can’t lift up my wine glass today, I swear, Antonio… It was a tough class, and the people that go regularly (like my friend Jessica who encouraged me to go!) are definitely super fit! The trainers are scary fit too… And I’m all like

IMG_3132.JPGI would recommend the class for sure; I mean, they DO call it the World’s Best Workout!

IMG_3217.PNGAlso, for you Nashville folks, they are offering classes for $14 the next three days, so stock up here!


After class, I ran by Starbucks. For the first time ever, they were OUT of spinach feta wraps. ON MY BIRTHDAY.

IMG_3221.PNGThe horror. Instead, I went with the turkey bacon sandwich and went on with my life.


Now, I’m just hanging out with all my Friends

IMG_3201.JPG Actually, I’m just catching up on some laundry, but Brent and I have some fun things planned for today after he gets back in town.

Here are some great birthday cards I received->

IMG_3203.JPGFrom my parents. And truth… I do love pizza.

IMG_3204.JPGLaughed uncontrollably when I got this card from Suzi. She sent me a package with the card and my gift… A blog box!! So thoughtful!

IMG_3206.JPGAdorable mug, Kate Spade notebooks for ideas (and POPSICLE stickers), and a book that I’m looking forward to reading! Thanks, Suz!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!! Cheers!


Thoughts on age 29?

Have you tried hibiscus in champagne?? If not, leave work and go try it, now!

Cards Against Humanity fans??

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