birthday dinner + a brewery tour

What a fun (and busy) weekend it’s been! I’m having a relaxing Sunday after all the festivities. Before I jump into the weekend recap, check out what’s brewing in the crock pot:IMG_3277.JPG
As soon as I saw Fitnessista’s slow cooker lasagna recipe, I knew I had to try it. I can’t remember the last time I had lasagna! I put Brent to work on the turkey (I used ground turkey instead of turkey sausage), zucchini and onion mixture.



While the lasagna was cooking, we watched Die Hard (#1 on my 20 movies to watch list…check!). I just love Alan Rickman. Great movie.. Can’t believe I’ve never seen it!



After my Barry’s class Friday morning, Brent got back in town and we headed to Arrington Vineyards for the afternoon.

IMG_3224.JPGI absolutely love going to Arrington this time of year… They cover the patio and have the fireplace going!

IMG_3228.JPGSo dreamy. We packed a few snacks from TJ’s which were delicious (CHEESE! and this yogurt kale dip was amazing)

IMG_3223.JPGWe each did a tasting and then shared a bottle of rosé (all. day.)



Friday evening, we had reservations at The 404 Kitchen. It was voted #3 on Southern Living’s Best New Restaurants of 2014. Decided to cross one of my 30 Nashville restaurants off of my list (been productive on this list already.. Makes me so happy).

IMG_3233.JPGWe got all fancied up and headed to dinner. The restaurant seats about 42 people and has an intimate, cozy (really, almost touching elbows with our table neighbors) atmosphere. I had the Atlantic Swordfish (the cannellini bean/cauliflower base was the best part!)

IMG_3279-0.PNGand Brent went with the Rabbit.

IMG_3281.PNGWe also split the Skillet Cornbread on the side. Insanely good.


It was a fun and special dinner.. A great way to ring in 29!

Saturday surprise

I didn’t know it, but the birthday celebrations would continue into Saturday! Brent told me I needed to be ready by 3:00, and by 3:30 we ended up at Jackalope Brewery!

IMG_3241.JPGANOTHER item crossed off the 30 by 30 list?! I was so surprised and excited. We received our pint glasses for the tour and somehow missed the first 10 minutes of the tour (oops) but jumped right in just in time to taste the first beer.


IMG_3244.JPGWe learned about the ingredients in beer (I thought they looked like hamster food) and our tour guide, Will, talked us through the brewing process.

IMG_3245.JPGWe tried four different beers (got at least a half-full pint glass for each.. That’s my kind of tasting!)

IMG_3264.JPGAll of the beer names come from mythical/legendary creatures, hence “drink legendary”. Pretty cool!


IMG_3251.JPGWant to party?
For example, one beer is called Leghorn from the Foghorn Leghorn character. We all cheers-ed to the legendary chicken after Brent reminded the tour group that he was killed by the Monstars in the epic film Space Jam.. I don’t know how he remembers these things.

This is Bruce.

IMG_3254.JPGHe was a very enthusiastic member of our tour. We even got to see Will fill a keg which apparently is UNHEARD of during tours (wild, I know). It was neat to see though!

IMG_3258.JPGThis was the hugest oxygen tank I’ve ever seen.

IMG_3249.JPGI’d love to see one of my patients hooked up to that thing!

IMG_3266.JPGGreat afternoon.

Finished Saturday off with a holiday party and an engagement party… Whew. I was ready for a lazy Sunday today! I was craving that Greek yogurt kale dip from TJ’s, so I threw some on my cheesy egg whites (with Laughing Cow Cheese). Yum!

IMG_3270.JPGThe big event of today was venturing to WhichWich. Man, those sandwiches are awesome.

IMG_3271.JPGHot turkey sandwich with hummus, avocado and a bunch of other veggies.

four hours later…

The lasagna’s ready!

IMG_3283.JPGWow, it’s so good. I think I would add mushrooms next time, and I would NOT forget to buy Parmesan cheese to go on top. Boo. Still tastes great.. Perfect for a chilly night!


Well, the fun long weekend is coming to a close already. Less than two weeks until Christmas, yay! Have a great night!

Ever been on a brewery tour?

Do I need to watch any of the Die Hard sequels or should I stop now??

Have you ever made lasagna in a crockpot?

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