revisiting pure barre

Oh maaan. I forgot how hard Pure Barre is! photo 2I have been dreaming about Pure Barre again (it goes in waves… workout ADD), and I saw there was a Sunday morning class and went for it. I haven’t been to a class in over a year (I used to do it off & on in Memphis for about 3 years), and my legs and abs are DEAD. It was so awesome being back though… I’ve missed it!


Before class, I headed to TJ’s to stock up on groceries. I went in without a plan (FAIL) and ended up with all of this:

IMG_0007cottage cheese, you go up front because you’re my favorite

So, we will see how this all comes together this week :)  I’ll have to cook something reeeeal special for The Bachelor premier tomorrow! Anyone else excited?? I liked Chris the Farmer a lot on the last season… but, let’s be real, if you win this season you have to go live on a farm. Don’t know if I could do it! Sorry, Chris.


I see you.

Let’s recap the weekend!

Friday night, I wanted to cross another restaurant off my my 30 before 30 list (keep reading for an update on that, too!), so Brent and I headed to Whiskey Kitchen. There was a 45-minute wait for two people (at 6:15?!), so we cozied up at the bar.

photo 1I had the Ahi Ponzu Wrap. I absolutely love rare tuna, so this dish hit the spot (and went with my champagne nicely).

 IMG_0002I actually ended up making a huge mess and deconstructing my wrap to make a salad. Ahi tuna in a wheat wrap just weirded me out for some reason.

Saturday morning, I had all intentions of doing a long-ish run (again, I don’t really make plans when I run) and was shooting for 8-10 miles. Well, I apparently headed out too late and a couple miles in, I was being pelted by rain and gale force winds (a little dramatic, but it made those Nashville hills 10x harder). I wasn’t really feeling like being a hero, so I looped back home with a total of 3 miles… Only 7 short… The New Orleans Half should go swimmingly :) I followed up my run with the Beach Bum workout from ToneItUp’s Beach Babe DVD. Doing that workout and Pure Barre on back-to-back days is going to make spin class reeeal fun tomorrow!

After my failed training run, I got ready to meet Brent’s brother and sister-in-law for the first time. We spent the day brunching (Tavern, duh), exchanging Christmas gifts, watching football at a sports bar and finishing the day off at Brixx for dinner. They just came in town for the day, but it was fun to spend that time with them. And I hope they were impressed with my mimosa-drinking skills… it’s impressive, really.



30 Before 30


I updated the 30 Before 30 page today! I think I’m off to a good start.


Checked off another movie today too… Brent and I watched The King’s Speech while eating dinner. I had watched about half of this movie over a year ago, and I’ve never finished it! I just love Colin Firth. Although I will always think of him as Mr. Darcy.

mr-darcy2Yes, Mr. Darcy, that’s ok. (source)

On to that dinner…

Tempeh stir fry with kale

Well, my random TJ’s trip proved useful. I was craving a lot of veggies and came up with this vegetarian stir fry meal. I wasn’t sure what Brent would think about the tempeh, but he ended up loving it! I love the texture of it. The other star of the meal was my beloved aminos.


Started off by sauteing broccoli florets and mushrooms with ginger powder, garlic powder and salt.


Next up, I cooked some kale (isn’t it pretty!) with the same seasonings, plus some aminos.


I had marinated the tempeh in aminos for about an hour before cooking it (it takes on any flavor really well like tofu). I sliced it into sticks (for lack of a better word) and cooked it on both sides until slightly browned.


For a side salad, I used TJ’s chopped veggie mix + their soy ginger dressing. SO easy.





Perfect end to the weekend! Hope you have a great Monday :)



Are you a tempeh eater?

Watching The Bachelor tomorrow?? I have champagne and snacks for the premiere. #loser

Do you incorporate barre workouts into your routine? I need to do this more often! As soon as I come across a ton of money, I’m going to buy a Pure Barre package…


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