I cooked different dinners this week

Good Wednesday morning! Here’s a pretty sunrise from yesterday to start off your day:


There’s nothing pretty about it being 7 degrees in Nashville today though… You can probably find me hiding in the gym at work with a hot pack today.



I’m planning on doing some steady state ellipticizing this morning, since my legs are incredibly angry at me from the past few days! Annnnd I’m super excited to try out some new workouts soon since I got THIS in the mail!!


I absolutely love Gina’s blog and love her approach to fitness and nutrition. I cannot wait to read it and may cancel all plans for the next few days to read it (including work).

Now, onto What I Ate Wednesday!! I actually cooked DIFFERENT THINGS for dinner this week. Wild, I know.


What I Ate Wednesday


Whole wheat English muffin with cottage cheese + banana… Glad my coworkers didn’t see me taking pictures of this. I amuse myself.


Suja Essentials… on sale 2 for $5 at Target YAY


 photo 4 (2)

Leftovers! plus an apple


photo 2

hospital coffee! not too bad…

 photo 3

hard-boiled egg


A string cheese when I got home… fine, I had two.




Baked sweet potato topped with: spinach, black beans, tomatoes, turkey bacon, avocado (I added a little lite shredded cheese at the end)

Bachelor snacks

Ok, so this was Monday night technically, but our pre-dinner snacks (during the Red Carpet show… totally unnecessary and that extra hour made me stay up until TEN) made me happy. I am seriously addicted to this TJ’s dip if you haven’t noticed.

photo 1

Because you can’t watch the premiere without a baby champagne

Did anyone watch The Bachelor? Apparently Chris likes the drunk girls… good for him!






I was really hoping she would pass out, but I didn’t get that lucky. Apparently there’s a Bachelor fantasy league that I didn’t know about? Next Bachelorette show, I’m starting a league and you’re all invited.


Did you watch The Bachelor?

Do you cook something different for dinner every night? HOW DO YOU DO IT?? I’m exhausted! :)

Any Wednesday plans? I have a happy hour with a friend that’s moving and then dinner with friends that are in town after! Lots of excitement on a school night.

8 thoughts on “I cooked different dinners this week

  1. I watched the bachelor. Don’t you want to just hit Chris upside the head…like what are you thinking picking a girl that got trashed on the first night?! Obviously she’s not going to be your best pick. lol Great pics and food!

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