Friday Favorites + all the layers

Happy Friday!!


Yep, it’s cold. They even canceled school in Nashville yesterday… I mean, it was colder than Alaska! The heat in our office wasn’t working in the morning, so I should’ve just gone home too.

Despite the cold, I made it to the gym every morning this week! The key is putting on 3,482 layers before leaving the house (and getting dressed in front of the space heater). Then, once at the gym, pile said layers next to your respective cardio machine and hope fellow gym-goers don’t trip over them. I should really start using the lockers.


Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!

Here’s a recap of this week’s workouts:

Spin class – one of those “increase the heck out of the resistance but maintain your same speed” kind of workouts

Circuit class – at the height of my leg soreness, our instructor uses the gosh forsaken glider discs… SO HARD.

Elliptical – 45min while reading The Book Thief. *TMI alert* Wednesday was special, because I forgot to pack a bra for work… soooo, I had to go with my sweaty sports bra. I think it froze to me on the way to work. Awesome.

Upper body weights + abs and 8min on stair climber – attempting to let my legs fully recover

Planning on doing a HIIT workout in the scary CrossFit-style section of the gym – I’ll share it this weekend if it is worthy :)

Wednesday night

News flash! I went out on a school night. My friend Jessica is moving this weekend, so a few of us met up for happy hour to say goodbye. We went to The Sutler which is a really cool saloon-style restaurant. Brent and I have been there before (white pimento cheese served in a mini mason jar OMG), and I just love the atmosphere. Brent and I (habitually early, especially when it comes to drinks) started out at a standing table for 2 where I enjoyed a glass of rosé.

photo 1 - Copy

Once more people arrived, we moved downstairs (that I did not know existed)… and let me tell you, I could live down there.



Comfy couches, chairs and a huge fire place!

After happy hour, we checked out another restaurant on my 30 before 30 list. Two of my friends from high school (10+ year friends, wow) were in town for different work events, so we arranged a dinner at FlipSide so I could see them both.. lucky timing!

photo 4 - Copy

Brent came too for photography purposes. :) I started with the garden soup

photo 2 - Copy

It was perfect on a cold night and was packed with veggies (kale, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and topped with avocado… all my faves). For my entree, I ordered the ABC salad with Jack’s Best Chicken (I got mine grilled).

photo 3 - Copy

ABC = avocado, beets, cabbage. The portion was huge (I don’t think any of us actually finished our meals), and I didn’t realize that the chicken was hiding underneath the salad mountain until a few bites in (you don’t see it either, do you?? Tricks.)! I had heard mixed reviews about Flipside, but I enjoyed it and would definitely go back… and maybe even indulge in the tater tot nachos, whoa.


Friday Favorites

Linking up with Heather today to share some things I’m obsessing over this week…


  • these socks

My mom gave me these J. Crew socks for Christmas this year. The colorblock print is so cute, and I love tall socks forever.


  • Trader Joe’s chopped veggies

I used these for our side salad on Sunday, and continued to use them for my lunches this week! I threw some spinach and avocado with them and tossed in that awesome ginger dressing, YUM.


  • all the plans

A lot of fun things coming up, folks! I just wrote them all down in my favorite planner this week!


Remaining this month: Girls on the Run training, my sister and her fiance’s shower in Memphis, and the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half. In February, I’m running the Hot Chocolate 15k and just planned a cabin weekend, woohoo!

  • GOTR ideas on Pinterest

I’ve been getting really excited for my Girls on the Run team I’m coaching this spring. There are a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest that I have found, and Julie has definitely given me some good ideas already!


How cute is this? Told you I love tall socks.

  • barre3 challenge

So, remember when I won one of  Gina’s giveaways for the barre3 Challenge Pack? Well, it finally arrived!


While I am not completing the entire challenge, I look forward to more online workouts, especially since I have been craving (craving?) barre workouts lately! You get weekly motivational podcasts, grocery lists and recipes as well.

  • MuncherCruncher’s Instagram account. Like, I stalk it. I want to do all of her workouts… they are right up my alley! I’m using some of her awesome kettlebell moves in my workout today!
  • this post by Ali –> being happy right NOW instead of waiting for this, this or this to happen.
  • Jen’s post on naps. I’m a huge advocate of the power nap. I take one most days that I’m not at work (sooo… most weekends)!
  • awesome post from Heather about her challenge word: Engage. I absolutely loved this post! So often you see people staring at their phones/devices while interacting (attempting to interact) with other people. I’m guilty of this from time to time, and this post was a great reminder that engaging with other people is really what makes me happy and what life is all about! This was something that was very attractive about Brent when we started dating. When we went on a date, he left his phone IN THE CAR. I didn’t know this type of behavior existed, and it made (and still makes) me feel so special and like he is genuinely interested in connecting and spending time with me. Because don’t we all want to feel this type of awesome attention?? I’ve picked up on this behavior, and while I do bring my phone out to snap pictures (#blogginglife), I have tried my best to just leave it alone when I’m around other people. Those texts and Instagram feeds aren’t going anywhere!
  • this article on things that happen when you’re about to turn 30. Amen to not having plans on Saturday nights! Love it.


Charlie says, “That is NOT an acceptable chip clip, you idiot!”

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!


What are you doing this weekend?

Any runs planned?? Attempting another 10 miler this weekend. This time, I’ll be fighting the severe cold instead of rain.

What are you loving this Friday?

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