Half Marathon Playlist!

It’s Friday!!! Finally time for my New Orleans trip! I will be flying out tonight to spend the weekend with some girlfriends AND to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon. I had signed up to run this race a couple years ago but couldn’t make it, so I am verryyy excited to check out the course (read: FLAT!! No Nashville hills in sight!). I want to share my Friday Favorites with you again this week… obviously these will be New Orleans/half marathon-heavy, so here we go…


  • The weather forecast for race day


Let’s hope this is still true by Sunday. I prefer to run in colder temps (like, anything about 50 is too hot for me), but I think with a 7am start, I’ll catch some cooler weather and will hopefully have some sunshine to hang out in when I finish! I think my ideal race temperature is about 35-40 degrees throughout the race and then 80 degrees and sunny about 10 minutes after I finish so my sweat doesn’t freeze to me… that is possible, right?!



I love planning out my race outfits… I’m going to definitely go with my trusty running skirt and awesome SpiBelt (NOT fanny pack). It looks like pink and black will be the theme.

  • Free US Weekly magazines


For a couple months now, we’ve been receiving an Us Weekly subscription that just came out of nowhere! I used to be a loyal subscriber and read it cover-to-cover on the elliptical machine, so I get excited when I see an issue in our mailbox… and theeeen I remember that I don’t know any of the celebrities anymore. Or I do but they have new faces now apparently…

  • Starbucks App


I downloaded the Starbucks rewards app on my phone a few weeks ago to load my Christmas giftcards onto, and I got an e-mail with this coupon this week! You earn points when you pay with your app (I love scanning it at the counter… I am easily amused). I think you can earn free drinks and what not.

unnamed (1)


It’s back! Gina and Anne teamed up to create this FREE workout & nutrition program! (info here and here). You will receive workouts (all can be done at home or the gym!) and meal plans for 4 weeks from these lovely ladies. I did a few of the workouts last year, and they are AWESOME. I am going to try to follow the workouts and meal plans more closely this time around. It’s so nice when you don’t have to plan for a few weeks… it’s all done for you! They even have a Facebook group for members to keep each other accountable. Who’s with me?!

  • Hot Yoga


I haven’t been to hot yoga in a couple weeks and MAN did I miss it! I went to Hot Yoga Plus, and the instructor nearly killed me. At least I had this adorable (now drenched) top that my sister gave me for Christmas (with matching headband from my mom – thanks, guys! YOU KNOW ME SO WELL). It’s perfect for hot yoga – it’s so light! (Wild Tank, lululemon). Pair with 4:30am hair and Ugg boots, and you’ve nailed my style.


After class. Woof. 100 degrees and too many arm balances later, my sweaty asana was ready for a shower! You’re welcome, coworkers.

  • My half marathon playlist!


These Mardi Gras beads are mine, and I keep them in a box under my bed for no apparent reason. And, yes, those are toilet seat sunglasses, and, no, you may not borrow them. These songs are super random and belong to many genres to keep me interested while running. A lot of the songs are my “happy” songs that I envision striding along to (at a comfortable, easy pace with perfect midfoot strike) on a cool, sunny morning with a huge smile on my face.



So, here are some songs I’d like to highlight/explain:

1. Bang Bang, K’naan —> I start EVERY race with this song. It’s good luck.


4. Bang Bang —> not the same Bang Bang as #1

5. Honey I’m Good, Andy Grammer —> New to me song. Obsessed. Want to hug everyone while listening to it. Hope you aren’t running next to me when this song comes on.


9. January Wedding, Avett Brothers —> Such a pretty song. I saw them perform this live the first time I heard it and have loved it ever since. It picks up toward the middle.


10. Love Like Woe, The Ready Set —> Boy band alert. Sorry.

18. Shut Up and Dance, Walk The Moon —> So. Fun. I’ll dance with you.


25. Wrapped Up, Olly Murs feat. Travie McCoy —> Love this collaboration. Perfection.


26. Tonight Tonight, Hot Chelle Rae —> This song is ALWAYS last on my playlist. I’ve finished every single race with this song since 2010. Why this is my pump up song is beyond me, but it works.


There it is. Hope you enjoy the randomness.

Disclaimer: This playlist is approximately 1.5 hours long. I DO NOT run a half marathon in that time, but I usually stop the music around mile 4 or 5 and listen to a 30-40min podcast to change things up. I will probably listen to a Chalene Show episode that will keep me entertained (unlike the informational podcast on keeping your inbox clear during my stairmill workout on Wednesday. Not. Helpful.). Also, since this is a Rock n Roll Series race, there will be bands along the way, so I can pause whatever I’m listening to for a couple minutes every so often.


Can’t wait!!

Wish me luck! I’ll recap the weekend when I’m back in town! Peace!


How random are your playlists for races? Are you weird about your start/finish song too?!

Anyone joining me for the Winter Shape Up?

Hot yoga? Love? Hate?

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