15 minute jump rope & burpee HIIT workout

Hello again! I’m popping in this evening to share a workout I did a couple weeks ago and a delicious breakfast. This is a quick workout you can do when you’re short on time! I did this workout the morning before I went out of town for my sister’s wedding shower, and it really does the trick! I was sweating my booty off in a freezing cold garage.


What you’ll need: jump rope (you can jump without a rope or perform jumping jacks instead), Bosu ball, timer (I use the Interval Timer app)


Descriptions of exercises:

burpeesHere’s your regular burpee (source)


  • Bosu burpees: perform a regular burpee holding a Bosu ball. Put the ball side down onto the ground and then come into a plank position holding the edges of the Bosu. When you come up to stand, raise Bosu ball overhead.


  • Single arm/leg burpees: regular burpee but in plank position, only have one arm on ground (or one leg touching ground for single leg burpee)


  • Traveling burpee: regular burpee and when you come back up, jump as far forward as you can into a squat and perform another burpee —> here!


  • Burpee with tuck jump: regular burpee then perform a tuck jump




  • Burpee with plank jack: complete a burpee, and while you’re in the plank position, perform two plank jacks


  • Burpee with jump lunges: full regular burpee, and after standing up jump into a lunge position then jump and switch legs so the opposite leg is in a lunge position, then burpee!


You can always make this workout more difficult by performing it 2x through or by taking less rest time after your burpee variation (or by doing the variation for a whole minute instead of 30 seconds).

*Please consult your physician before attempting a new workout program!


I had the best breakfast this morning!! I loved having time to come home from the gym (did a slow 3-mile run on the dreadmill this morning), shower and cook breakfast at home before my course today. Usually, I pack a huge gym bag so I can shower and get ready at the gym then eat breakfast at my desk when I get to work (always so hectic. I’m a bag lady).

This morning, I pulled out a pan and a REAL plate and made a butternut squash, spinach & feta egg white wrap! First, I made an egg white (poured them out of the carton.. so easy) and set it aside on a plate to await stuffing.

Then, I cut up some cubed butternut squash that I roasted yesterday and sauteed it with some fresh spinach.


Add the mixture to the middle of the egg white and top with feta (best part! I used light feta).


Roll her up and breakfast is made! Holy yum, I loved it. I mostly just love cheese.


—>Check out my Fitness page for more FUN workout ideas!


For my fellow Grizzlies fans (from Mike Conley’s Insta)


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