Dailey Method + Amazeballs

Happy Wednesday! I am still in the process of recovering from my half marathon, so obviously I needed to take some more days off of work :) This morning I’m doing some easy cardio to give my legs a break, then I’ll be off to a continuing education class to sit for 8 hours and have my legs tighten up all over again. I’m almost positive I ripped my quads in half between running on Sunday and taking a Dailey Method class yesterday. And I’ve already been looking for another half marathon to run… we are a sick bunch, we runners. I do have the Hot Chocolate 15k coming up in a few weeks, so that should hold me over until I go on my summer running hiatus.


I took the day off work yesterday to get my life back in order (somewhat) after getting back in town Monday. Therefore, I was in full-time blogger fantasy mode typing up my post at Starbucks. So great.

I had a free guest pass for a class at The Dailey Method (thank you, random Uber driver who was handing them out. I’m sorry for aggressively grabbing it from you out of excitement), so I decided to take advantage of my day off and take the 6am Dailey Express class. I have a twisted idea of what a day off should look like. Luckily, I had another twisted friend who also ran the New Orleans half on Sunday too that showed up for class (she works there and encouraged me to try a class), so we were both cringing together during the thigh work (I probably had the most awful look on my face when the instructor said “thigh dancing” – I think I came out of the position about 100 times during the exercise).

unnamed (5)


I took the Dailey Express class which is the 45-minute version of their usual hour-long Dailey Barre classes. The class was somewhat similar to other barre classes I’ve taken, but I should probably try the hour-long Dailey Barre class to get a better idea of what it’s about! The class, like other barre studios, focuses on smaller-range movements and high repetitions for toning while using light hand weights and your own body positioning as resistance (ie, the hip tuck).

unnamed (4)

What to wear: Comfortable tank or tee, leggings or crops and sticky socks (I wore the enemy PureBarre sock, but everyone seemed okay with it). They do have socks you can purchase at the studio too.

How long do I endure the pain: 45-minute Express class or 60-minute Dailey Barre class

Equipment: light hand weights (2- or 3-lb are what most were using in the class – I grabbed the 2lb for today), a strap (for stretching or certain exercise modifications), a mat (the instructor brings these around to you during class when it’s time to use them), and a ball (we didn’t use the evil-looking green ball today… probably a good thing since my legs were dying from the race), towel (they provide towels for us sweaty folk to use during class)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)


  • I felt the burn. You really get a total body workout! I was definitely shaking on the ab portion. You complete several different blocks of exercises focusing on certain muscle groups, and some parts, working multiple muscles at once like holding a plie squat while doing weights (and so much core work – I think we held planks for 2 minutes at the beginning of class). I also liked how core work and arm work was interspersed throughout the workout; for example, after doing a leg section near the middle of class, we performed pushups (how are my arms even sore after that half marathon?!)
  • Music. The playlist was awesome and kept me energized throughout the 45-minute class. The music wasn’t too loud either; I hate it when they blast the music and you can’t hear the instructor!
  • The instructor was friendly, welcoming and hands-on during the class. She was walking around correcting form, which is so important (for injury prevention AND to make sure you’re getting the most out of the exercise).
  • Stretching! After each section, we would stretch the muscle group we just worked. This is normal for a barre class, but I felt that we held the stretches longer in this class. It felt so good to stretch, and holding stretches longer (at least 30 seconds) truly helps with flexibility. Other barre classes sometimes fly through the stretching portion which doesn’t help lengthen the muscle much.
  • Fans. This sounds silly, but I really appreciated having ceiling fans in the studio. It made the temperature of the class much more bearable; I find that sometimes those little studios get hot and cramped-feeling when they are crowded and, although I love a good sweat, that’s not always the most comfortable or enjoyable environment!
  • The studio was bright and inviting, and they have a good-sized bathroom with nice amenities: they have lockers and showers available (with full-sized towels).


C-curve position. This one was a bitch. (source)


  • $$$. Like most studio workouts, it comes with a price. It costs $25 for a single class. They have deals for new clients ($100 for first month unlimited), new moms and brides-to-be.
  • I would say it was not as difficult as other barre classes that I’ve taken, but since I took the Express class, I know that it did not incorporate all the exercises or maybe not as many holds/repetitions as a full class would provide.

Overall, I had a good experience at The Dailey Method. I think I enjoy the PureBarre technique more, but it was fun to switch it up! I probably will not purchase a class package without trying a full class first though.

After ripping up the quads, I headed straight for Starbucks to get some work done and get things organized! Starbucks started off my day of eats on a great note, and now I will share those eats with you!


What I Ate Wednesday #WIAW


unnamed (6)

grande blonde roast, spinach feta wrap (look at me, I’m a blogger at Starbucks!!)



 my fave! minus the dipping sauce. I used liquid aminos instead.


 unnamed (8)

TJ’s spinach yogurt kale dip + Inner Peas :)




 unnamed (1)9

Veggie plate: roasted kale, roasted shaved brussel sprouts, Trader Joe’s chopped veggie mix, roasted cherry tomatoes, quinoa, edamame, light feta and TJ’s sesame ginger dressing

I also finished off the evening with a mini bag of Skinny Girl lime + sea salt popcorn while watching Pretty Little Liars :)

Monday’s dinner

I have to share my dinner I had Monday after I got back from New Orleans. Brent and I went on a date to Panera, because I have been dying to try their new Broth Bowls. THEY ARE AMAZING. I tried the Soba Noodle bowl, and Brent had the Lentil Quinoa bowl.

unnamed (2)

Soba Noodle bowl with edamame


Lentil Quinoa bowl with cage-free egg

You could choose the protein added to the bowl: either chicken or edamame in the Soba bowl and either chicken or an egg (the ever-baffling question)  in the Lentil bowl. They were both delicious and under 400 calories (well, add in the bread and not so much). Perfect for returning to the cold, cloudy Nashville tundra (it was snowing when I got back, ah!). I will definitely be ordering this again!


I made myself some Amazeballs to eat as snacks the rest of the week. I did a spin-off of Gina’s amazeballs recipe and came up with this! Delicious and great staying power with the protein.

**Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Amazeballs**




Old fashioned oats, chocolate flavor protein powder, chia seeds, freeze-dried banana slices, almond butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, cinnamon, sea salt

1. Add dry ingredients to bowl: 1 tbsp oats, 4 tbsp protein, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 4 tbsp crushed-up freeze-dried bananas, 1 tbsp shredded coconut, pinch sea salt, 1 tsp cinnamon



2. Next, add 4 tbsp almond butter (drippy)

3. I mixed the ingredients with my hands (since this chef is without a food processor)

4. Roll into balls! AMAZEBALLS! I made six with this batch.

5. Refrigerate for at least one hour before enjoying :)


Oh, and I finally got my hair cut. The self-made ombre continues to grow out, yay! I feel so much better getting it trimmed… it had been way too long.

 unnamed (1)2

Let’s cross our fingers that my legs don’t fall off at the gym this morning! Have a lovely Wednesday!


Ever tried The Dailey Method? Favorite barre class?

Have you ordered a broth bowl yet? No? Go to Panera NOW.

What workout is leaving you sore today?

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