my first Girls on the Run practice!

Good morning! I wanted to start your Wednesday off with my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl:

Screaming goats get me every time.

I had my first-ever Girls on the Run practice on Monday. I was a little nervous about leading the practice (let’s be real, I’m more used to being around 80-year-olds… I find that I relate to them quite well), but this group of girls were GREAT. Quite a few of them even participated in the fall season last year, so they caught on to the activities and lessons rather quickly. Plus, GOTR provides all the materials you need, and the curriculum book walks you through every lesson step by step!

unnamed (1)

It was too cold on Monday to run outside (it snowed Monday morning!), but let me tell you, these girls LOVED running through the hallways of their school during practice. I guess I would think that would be pretty cool too, since you aren’t allowed to do that during normal school hours… #rebels. This age group is hilarious… they said the craziest stuff and had me entertained the whole time! For example, we came up with a word that means “gather up in a circle and be quiet” (in a nice voice, I promise). They came up with “unihorse”… say whaaa?!


I told them I had no idea what that was, and one girl said, “It’s a cross between a unicorn and a horse, duh!” Dang. Should’ve known. The girls really were adorable and so sweet. I think it’s going to be a great season :) Oh, and they loved my organic Kashi bars I brought for them as a snack… they GET ME.

I am having to plan a little more ahead for practice days, though! I think I had about 4 bags packed (gym bag with work clothes, lunch, change of clothes for after work, and a backpack with all my GOTR supplies). Good thing I Sunday prepped my food per usual to make things easier – make 5 almond butter sandwiches, wrap in saran, done. Here’s what else I’m eating this week!


What I Ate Wednesday, #WIAW



baby coffee! oatmeal, chia seeds, vanilla whey, blueberries all soaked overnight in unsweetened vanilla almond milk


unnamed (2)

peel apart AB sandwich (TJ’s bread) and make 2 open-faced AB + banana sandwiches, and an apple


unnamed (1)

sorry, patients and coworkers for the egg smell. this one has a mouth.. hello!


still going strong on these protein bars from Costco… they really help keep me full (which is no easy task)


unnamed (4)

salad of leftovers: broccoli slaw, shredded carrot, cucumbers, feta and soy ginger dressing (and my Christmas pj pants)

unnamed (3)

my butternut squash chili, YUM!

2 things to discuss:

1. I’m with Ashley S. on this season of The Bachelor…


I. Feel. Nothing. Turns out she’s not so crazy after all. (KIDDING. She’s bat sh*t).

And Kelsey.



She needs to go. She’s freaking me out more than Ashley S. did.


2. Did no one else see this coming, really??



You go, Bruce Jenner. You’re still the most normal one in the family. Minus Kloe… I’m pretty sure she and I would be best friends.



What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? (You can “pass” and instead say, “when Missy Elliott came out of nowhere”)


What’s your favorite snack to eat during the day?


Which Kardashian would you be and why? Scott Disick is a valid answer.

10 thoughts on “my first Girls on the Run practice!

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m glad somebody else pointed out the craziness of Kelsey and Ashley on the Bachelor! I thought Kelsey was a downright b*$!! on this last show. She’s just mean…Now my least favorite girl and she needs to go. In other news I’m happy to hear your GOTR first time went well! They sound fun to work with!

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