Fit Wish List

Hello and happy Friday!


Since I’ve been coaching Girls on the Run, I have been keeping my eye out for some running clothes for chilly temperatures that would last me into the spring. We got to go outside for our practice on Wednesday, and since I was handing out lap counters (we used pieces of pink ribbon to count how many laps they ran), I got a little cold despite the warmer-ish weather (aka not 30*). I wanted to put together a post on my favorite wish list finds (plus some other things that have been on my “fit list” for awhile) in honor of Friday Favorites! #FFavorites


V420350_OM_F Victoria’s Secret Funnel-Neck Pullover (in Seychelles)


Fabletics Salar Legging (in Impulse Print Pink)


Athleta Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt (in Coralade)


lululemon Think Fast Pullover (in Heathered Herringbone) –> I would legit live in this!


Shop Betches You Can’t Spin With Us Flowy Tank –> I’ve been wanting this for months, but it always sells out of my size so fast!


Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight (in Char Marl) –> for some reason, I have no gray leggings..and it’s my favorite color!


Athleta 811 Training Shoe by New Balance (in Shimmer/Sapphire/Coralade) –>DYING over these shoes! They may be #1 on my list.


Athleta Rally Up Crew (in Fire Red) –>ON SALE!


Zella ‘Live In’ Cosmic Space Dye Leggings –> NEED!! A LOT!


Missguided Active Contrast Gym Leggings –> $28?! Are you kidding me?!

mpinkhearts__75434.1422457518.1280.1280 mpinkhearts2__75011.1422457519.1280.1280

ProCompression Marathon Pink Hearts –> Adorable! Sock of the month, 40% off :)

MORE Friday Faves!

I knew that volunteering as a coach with GOTR would be a rewarding experience. I didn’t know that after just two practices how much I would love it! I am looking forward to each practice so much and enjoy just preparing for each lesson. It’s so fun to see the girls’ personalities shining through already! I have to be highly energetic around them, encouraging them and smiling a lot… how could I not be in a great mood after working with them?? On Wednesday we talked about unplugging the negative thoughts in our mind (telling ourselves we aren’t good enough) and plugging in positive ones; some days it may be hard to keep the positive thoughts flowing, so we have to look out for each other and help others unplug the negative thoughts (wouldn’t it be great if everyone did this instead of putting others down??). These lessons don’t just pertain to the girls – coaches need these lessons too :)


Sparkles always help! (source)

  • These snacks I found at work


VANILLA CUPCAKE Goldfish! They aren’t too sweet either.


The best trail mix ever invented, no lie. Get to Costco asap and purchase.

  • My aminos

I love love love my aminos drink. I usually will drink it in the morning before a workout involving HIIT or weight lifting. It definitely gives me some extra energy at 5am, plus it tastes awesome and gives me something to look forward to in the morning (hey, whatever gets me to the gym, right?). I just finished up my tub of blue raspberry (delicious, and no, it doesn’t turn your mouth blue), and, just in time, I received the green apple flavor in the mail! Can’t wait to try it.


These are the things that excite me. AMINOS!

  • Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell Reunion

Ok, so you’ve probably all seen this by now, but my sister sent it to me yesterday morning, and it made me so happy. I think Slater looks even better now than he did back then! Belding does not.

I’m so excited! How have you all not aged?!

  • 6 Things Everyone Living with a ‘Friends’ Fan Has to Deal With

This article just really described my life (I am the ‘fan’… everyone else has to deal with me).

This girls knows what’s up. Even if you’re not the hippied-out, meditating yoga type, give these a try! I listened to one on anxiety the other night when my mind was racing (while I was trying to fall asleep… what’s new!), and it really calmed me down. Her voice is soothing, and she just seems like a cool, peaceful person I’d totally want to hang out with. (Sorry for all of the sentence-ending prepositions.. if my grandmother were reading this, she would hold me down while my 6th grade English teacher beat me). I definitely want to order her Body Peace guide soon. Has anyone read it??


  • My sister’s Save the Date

This little gem  came in the mail today, and if you follow me on Insta, you know how excited I was to receive it!!


Are they not the cutest??

Hope you all have a GREAT Friday!! I have a crazy awesome HIIT & full-body strength workout planned for this morning (in honor of the new aminos!) that I will share soon :)


 Any plans for the weekend? I am hoping to get a spin class in Saturday, followed by a baby shower, a basketball game and dinner with the bro!

Do you ever meditate?

What is on your Fit List??

9 thoughts on “Fit Wish List

  1. I shared my fit list on my blog :). No big plans this weekend, I get to teach 2 barre classes at the studio I work at and then its just chill’axin. Hoping to get in a few miles this weekend. Have a great one!

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