Hi! What a perfect (and productive) Sunday this has been! I’ve been meal prepping, coffee chugging, and catching up on my TGIT shows :) Scandal is just getting wild, isn’t it?!

unnamed (10)

Yes, yes I do.

And I’ve been working on a little DIY beauty project that I will share later this week! The secret ingredients…

unnamed (16)

Luckily I got taken off the work schedule this weekend, so it was time to celebrate! My coworkers and I met up at happy hour for a little Friday fun. They thought I was fancy ordering wine… man, do I have them fooled.


After happy hour, Brent and I ventured to Whole Foods to play at our favorite salad bar. I picked a bunch of Asian-themed toppings (and tofu!) and added my own TJ’s soy ginger dressing + liquid aminos at home. Tried a new bottle of wine, too. My friend sent me a picture of this new Apothic special edition, and I had to have it!

unnamed (1)

I called it an early night Friday so I could wake up for a 7:15 cycle class! It was an hour long, and I was so so sweaty. I was surprised to see how packed the class was… it was fun hanging out with fellow Saturday morning crazies like me. The instructor was awesome too. She kicked my butt, but she also was super inspirational, telling us to make a mental list of 5 things we are grateful for when the class was getting tough. It was like I was in a yoga class (except that I wanted to puke a little).

unnamed (2)

I hobbled to the grocery store and then home to clean up for one of my friend’s baby shower! I hadn’t ever been to a baby shower before (weird, right?), and it was a great time. Plus, I got to cuddle with other babies there which was precious.

unnamed (4)

Loved catching up with Joanna. She and her husband live in Memphis (we went to PT school together), so I was missing her! And I hadn’t gotten to rub her pregnant belly in awhile, so I took full advantage of her it (thanks, Jo!). I got to meet this sweet little girl too. Baby Uggs are officially the cutest thing ever.

unnamed (5)

I guess I dressed appropriately for my first baby shower since I matched the mom-to-be (she looks so great!!)

Sipped on a mimosa while enjoying a chicken salad sandwich, fruit annnnd a chocolate-covered strawberry before watching Joanna open gifts.

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

Obsessed with the name Avery! So sweet.

I said goodbye to Joanna and her family after a couple hours, because I was off to my first Vandy basketball game (Brent got tickets through work). The arena is really cool! The game wasn’t too interesting (until after we left, apparently Vandy pulled away and won by 15??), but we had fun anyway. I mostly enjoyed the free Diet Cokes :)

unnamed (8)

We left around the start of the 4th quarter (I think?) and since it was still pretty nice out, we grabbed a patio seat at Soulshine Pizza. I ordered a hummus plate to snack on with some celery sticks on the side, and a glass (goblet) of champagne.

unnamed (9)

Great little weekend! So, before I reveal my Sunday meal prep, let’s recap my workouts from the week:

unnamed (3)

told you I love my aminos.


Hill run on the treadmill (Workout #5 from the Winter Shape Up)


Workout #1 from Winter Shape Up –> LOVE this workout. Went up on my weights this week for it and was so sore!


30-min barre video


Jump rope interval workout (2min jump + 25 reps of random back exercises, repeat until I had to get ready for work)


Plyo legs + upper body weights workout


1 hr cycle class



Sunday Meal Prep

unnamed (15)

Here’s what was prepped:

  • turkey meatballs – protein topper for my zoodles & spaghetti squash dinners
  • zucchini – (had a leftover one from the zoodles) to mix in with the spaghetti squash
  • quinoa – quinoa bowls for lunch this week
  • spaghetti squash
  • roasted kale – to add to spaghetti squash
  • roasted mushrooms – for the zoodle pasta
  • protein pancakes – breakfast!
  • sliced strawberries – (I’m more likely to eat them if they’re already sliced up) for breakfasts

I pre-made 5 protein pancakes to heat up at work this week. Each pancake has 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon, 1 scoop Designer Whey vanilla protein powder, 1/4 c egg whites

unnamed (11)

So glad my roommate got a spiralizer. I’ve been wanting to try zoodles for forever. Zoodling is fun!!

unnamed (12)

The zucchini aftermath. Weird.

unnamed (13)

Turkey meatballs! In a bowl, I mixed up 1 package ground turkey, 1/2 c oats, 1/4 c egg whites, basil, oregano, sea salt. Ball ‘em up and brown ‘em!

unnamed (14)

Amazing Lettucewich today. See how I’m caressing it? Love. Got crazy with the make-your-own-soda machine and got 3/4 Diet Dr. Pepper and 1/4 Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Whoa.

unnamed (17)

The zoodles turned out great! I sauteed them in a pan for a few minutes, added Newman’s Own marinara, mushrooms, low fat feta and voila!

unnamed (19)

So, the plan was to top it off with 2 turkey meatballs (#fail), so they got served atop marinara after dinner while watching the Grizzlies game. Delicious!!

unnamed (20)

Walking Dead is back tonight! Ok, so I don’t really keep up with it, but Brent does, and it always means fro-yo night. We used to go to Sweet Cece’s, but that’s obviously not the healthiest (and it gets expensive when I’m your date… My cup always weights 5 lbs). Now, I like to make my own. I found this new Chobani flip flavor (salted caramel crunch) this weekend and immediately thought it would be the perfect specimen for homemade fro-yo! I mean, built-in toppings?! Perfection.

unnamed (18)

caramel yogurt + frozen bananas + Designer Whey chocolate protein powder

unnamed (21)

added toppings from each ‘flip’ container: salted pretzels, chocolate + pralines & pecans

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Are you watching the Grammys? I hope I catch Adam Levine before Walking Dead comes on :)


Do you drink soda? What’s your drink of choice? Least favorite?  I don’t drink them very often at all (I try not to douse my body with chemicals too often), but I loooove Diet Coke & Diet Dr. P!! We have Diet Shasta at work, and it makes me want to gag.

What was the workout highlight of your weekend?

Aren’t baby showers fun?! We didn’t play any of those typical baby shower games involving diapers or baby food, and I was thankful. Just spending time with the soon-to-be-momma and writing well wishes for the baby was perfect!

5 thoughts on “Zoodles!

  1. I love your meal prep ideas! For the turkey meatballs, do you just brown them and check the temp in the middle to make sure they’re done? I’m clueless when it comes to cooking chicken and turkey. And I have to try zucchini noodles! Thanks for the great ideas.


    • I think I cooked them at least 15min and turned them to every side that didn’t look brown (and you get that good dark brown crispy texture over some of it!). I should proooobably invest in a meat thermometer at some point haha:) But mine did cook through all the way thank goodness! You can always cut into one of them while cooking to check out the inside:)


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