How I Organized My Recipes Online

Hellooo friends! How’s your week going so far? I have some good eats to share with you today along with a solution to organizing online recipes! Let’s get to the eats first (these are from Monday… Tuesday was buried in M&M’s and Sweethearts candy, oops!). You can see all of my Sunday prep in action… most exciting day of your life, right??


What I Ate Wednesday #WIAW




protein pancake topped with low fat cottage cheese & strawberries, green tea


unnamed (22)

spinach, quinoa, veggie burger, shredded carrots, Laughing Cow wedge, 1/2 avocado – all heated up and mashed together



Zone bar – love this flavor


way too many handfuls of this stuff


Fuji apple slices with almond butter



spaghetti squash, roasted kale, roasted zucchini, tomato sauce, 2 turkey meatballs


one two bags of the good stuff (for The Bachelor… I’m not even going to start on this week’s episode…)

I got to meet my cousin’s baby yesterday!! He’s so tiiiiny.


He is just perfect. I will be available to babysit at all times. I don’t think Macaroni was too happy about the attention being off of him…

unnamed (1)

yes, a corgi named Macaroni. You’re welcome.

Onto some organizational matters…

One of the goals on my 30 before 30 list was to make a recipe binder. I have a few recipes ripped out of magazines, but my main issue was organizing recipes I find on blogs (where I get most of my recipes). I didn’t really want to keep an actual recipe binder or take the time to print out/write down online recipes. I thought about using Pinterest, but I just don’t use it regularly, and I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for very quickly.

I use Bloglovin’ to keep up with new posts from my favorite bloggers, and I’ll hit the heart button to save them if something catches my eye (this goes for recipes, workouts, playlists, DIY ideas, anything!). I had my “liked” blog posts still saved from 2012 on, so it was time to do something about it!

There are several awesome recipe organizers out there, but I needed something that I could save quickly and find quickly when I’m meal planning for the week. I came across Evernote which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! There is an app for your phone, too, that will sync up all of your notes you save.

Here’s what I did (and I’m sure there are easier ways to save recipes, but this has worked best for me):

1. Create an Evernote account and install the Web Clipper (also install the app on your phone if you want to have your notes/make notes on the go)

2. Create Notebooks for anything you may want to save. My notebooks are:

    • Recipes
    • Workouts
    • Blog Stuff
    • Ideas
    • Music

3. When you find a recipe you want to save, click on the Web Clipper (the little elephant head in the top right corner of your browser page). This little menu will pop up:

Screenshot (1)

Seriously, how amazing does this recipe look from Eating Bird Food? Brittany’s recipes are overtaking my Evernotes  :)

4. You now have the choice of how to save it. You can just clip the entire article, or what I usually do is take a screen shot of exactly what I want to capture. If the full recipe does not fit in the screen like this one, I will screen shot the picture of the food and then copy and paste the recipe into the Evernote. Or you can just save the whole article and not be so crazy like me.

Screenshot (2)

5. Once the recipe is clipped, You can then choose which notebook to save the clipped article in and choose tags for it (in the same little black menu box that pops up). You can go back into your Evernote account and rename the title if you want. You can see all of your notebooks and tags on the left hand side of the screen.

Screenshot (3)

6. Best part: the tags. This was a huge draw for me to use Evernote. Now, if I’m looking for a certain type of recipe (or workout), I can just search the tags (I usually do this in the app when I’m meal planning). Some tag examples for recipes: breakfast, Sunday prep, protein, sides, smoothies, dips, slow cooker etc. You can put multiple tags on each recipe.

Screenshot (4)

Here’s a sample from my Workout notebook with “circuits” tagged. I can’t wait to try this one from Julie!

So there is a brief run-down of what I’ve been doing to organize my recipes. There are a ton of features on Evernote that I haven’t used or discovered yet, but it has already helped me SO much.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


What do you use to organize recipes?

Is anyone else in a Valentine’s candy sugar coma already like me?

5 thoughts on “How I Organized My Recipes Online

  1. I started using Pinterest to organize all of my recipes in one place! I have boards divided into tons of different categories (i.e. protein types, drinks, breakfast, treats, veggies, different types of appetizers, etc.). I use the Pinterest feature on the Bloglovin posts that I like and can pin them directly to my Pinterest account! Also – did you see that Bloglovin now has a “collections” feature that allows you to organize the posts you’ve saved? Love the blog and hope you are doing well!

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