saying goodbye to my favorite friend (and other Friday Favorites)

Good morning and happy Friday the 13th to you! I want to share my Friday Favorites with you (linking up with Heather today —> if you haven’t checked out her new blog, get your butt over there now! She is awesome).

Before jumping into the usual-ish favorite stuff, I have to tell you… this week’s been pretty tough! My favorite little friend went to heaven on Wednesday.

unnamed (4)

Little Holly was rescued when she was about one month old. I was a senior in college at the time, and one of my friends brought her to the baseball field (where I was working a game). I immediately fell in love with her (one white paw, blue eyes!). I was living in the dorms with 3 other girls, and somehow I managed to raise a puppy there that semester!

unnamed (1)


My roommates were so great about letting me keep her there (even though she thought the neon green shag carpet in the bathroom was grass…oops!). We had a lot of adventures sneaking her around campus (in a Vera Bradley tote – she really was so tiny!).

unnamed (2)

Holly stuck with me through eight different moves during her 7 years here with us. She was my best little buddy! Even though she was a rescue, I think she rescued me more times than not :) She always followed me around and made sure I was okay.

unnamed (5)

Holly was so full of life and energy (seriously, she could run for hours). It was because of this that I decided she should live with my parents while I was living in my apartment in Memphis. She was all cooped up, and my parents have the best back yard, and she was the happiest girl being there! I missed her, but she was always 10 minutes away, so I got to see her a lot. It was hard moving to Nashville and leaving her there, especially when we found out in November that she had cancer. It was a rare cancer, and it just wasn’t fair. But my parents took incredible care of her, paying for multiple tests and surgeries for her, staying at home with her to make sure she was eating (mom, you can leave the house now :) ), and just keeping her happy and comfortable. I will never be able to thank them enough for this.

unnamed (3)

One of her favorite activities… water buffalo-style on the pool cover

She lived weeks longer than expected. She was a good little fighter! She was suffering though, so I am glad that she has some peace now. I know she is running free in dog heaven now and having a blast!

unnamed (6)

Miss you already, sweet girl!!

Friday Favorites

Ok, wiping my tears and moving on…


  • Sweethearts candy



I ate way too many of these little devils this week (well, just Tuesday), but they are my favorite Valentine candy! Yes they may taste like chalk a little bit, but I’ve always loved them.

  • Suja Essentials

Target always has the best deals on this delicious juice! I got 3 of them for $7.50 this week. I followed up the Sweethearts candy with this, because I felt the need to cleanse the system a  little after my sugar influx (sugar really does make you feel like crap… but it’s SO GOOD).


you saved me, Suja. Now can you please warm up my office?

I tried a new-to-me juice: sunset protein. It was the perfect mid-morning snack at work.

unnamed (4)

I feel like I could make this into a blended iced coffee beverage??

  • GOTR Valentines

I’m so happy I get to celebrate a few holidays while coaching Girls on the Run. It’s so fun to bring them little “happies” :) I put them together to hand out at the end of practice (because, for real, all hell breaks loose if you hand out stuff before practice). I found some Valentine granola bars (a little healthier, right? I love the sprinkles!), Sweethearts candy (I saved enough for the girls, I promise), and Valentine-colored eraser rings.


They loved them! Plus, I got to say, “If you’re good, you will get a special surprise at the end of practice!” Worked like a charm.

I absolutely LOVE Lauryn Evarts. And I’m dying over her book (why am I just now reading it??), The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Fitness and Lifestyle Guide (get it here). It’s so cool reading what my favorite fitness gurus do on the daily and learning their tips/advice, as you can see with my favorite fit books. Well, add this one to the list! Lauryn does share her fitness tips, but I think the best parts of the book are the diet and beauty sections. She recommends eating clean, whole foods and staying away from processed sh*t (she drops that word a lot in her book, which I appreciated); she also promotes not cutting out your favorite “bad” foods completely, but rather, portion controlling those foods. The first page of the food section mentions something about Cheez Its… Lauryn, you get me, be my best friend.

unnamed (2)

And her beauty advice is insanely great. This girl has some fabulous DIY treatments. And the best thing for your skin (which I have always agreed with) –> hydrate and eat clean! So simple. Processed foods suck the life out of your skin and make you break out… ok, I’m done.

  • Tone It Up binders


I have been undertaking some serious organization projects. This one involved hole-punching and binding my TIU Nutrition Plans. Once you join, you get all of the updates to the meal plans and bonuses like their 7 Day Slim Down. I re-printed the original plan and the superfoods plans, bought some cute colored binders, and now I can sleep better at night.

  • Valentine’s date night

unnamed (3)

This is Brent and my first Valentine’s Day together! I know, I know, cheesy as crap, right? I have a friend coming in town this weekend for the Hot Chocolate race (my Galentine), so we celebrated our Valentine’s last night. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association was putting on a Valentine’s Social/Dinner, so we swung by there before dinner for a drink and to see my coworkers. I had made dinner reservations at Adele’s (<–30 before 30 restaurant! Score!). Loved it!

unnamed (1)

We split the bruschetta to start, then Brent had the pork chop, and I went with lentil soup (I was so cold.. this helped!) and a salad with shaved brussel sprouts. The entree pictures turned out too dark though. We also exchanged our Valentine’s gifts. I tricked Brent with a prank box (really I gave him a new Tervis water bottle).


18’ wide, multi-person Snuggie?! YES.

He gave me a Starbucks gift card and this amazing, heavy-duty 3-hole puncher. The hole punch I used to do the TIU binders is broken, and it took me forever to complete my binder project (and I think it mostly drove Brent a little crazy, haha).


We really know how to do romance. Nailed it.

  • CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom mascara

Soooo, I bought this because Katy Perry told me to.


I am always on the hunt for new mascaras that aren’t terribly expensive (or clumpy. I hate you, clumps). This mascara is AMAZING! And it washes off easily too.

  • Fancy water bottles


Aren’t they beautiful!? It’s a wonder I haven’t broken the barre3 one yet. The lululemon ones are a little safer since they are protected with those pretty rubber designed covers. I fill a few of these bottles and keep them in the fridge, so I have lots of cold water on hand at all times when I’m home.

Any plans this weekend? I am running the Hot Chocolate 15K tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be about 14 degrees, so that should be fun. My friend Parker gets in town after work (she and Brent are running the 5K tomorrow), and we have some fun dinner plans tonight! Hope you have a great weekend… stay warm!


What’s your favorite mascara?

Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) plans?

What/who was your favorite pet?

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