Hot Chocolate 5K

Hello! Where did the weekend go?! I hope everyone had a fun weekend and that you’re ready for some SNOW.



But really, that snow can take a hike, because this girl does not get snow days. I may just ski to work tomorrow. We do have a 2-night Bachelor special on our hands, though, so all is well. ANYWHO, this weekend has been so much fun. My good friend Parker came in town for the weekend, and it was so wonderful getting to spend time with her! I love getting to see my Memphis friends that I miss so much. We got to enjoy our Galentine weekend (Brent was our third wheel) with new restaurants, running, shopping and of course a couple several adult beverages.

Friday night we tried out The Vine for dinner. It’s only been open a little over 3 months, and this place was PACKED. Turns out, Open Table over-booked them for the evening, so everyone’s reservations were pushed back by about 45 minutes. No problem, though… we found champagne :)

unnamed (1)

Sooo, our water heater was broken, and it was just replaced Friday evening. Tried to take a shower, but it was spitting out brown, cold water, so Thursday-night leftover hair-do it was!


The Vine had a great wine list and a cute bar area, so the wait time for our table flew by. We stuck to just a couple glasses of wine for the night, since we were waking up at 5am for the Hot Chocolate race Saturday morning.

unnamed (5)


The tables were set up with pretty Valentine’s flowers… it was a romantic evening for the three of us. The Vine offers many nice tapas options, along with reasonably-priced entrees, all focusing on fresh-to-table ingredients (and 40% of the menu changes daily!). The atmosphere was super cozy, and the staff was SO friendly and accommodating (and busy as heck with the over-booking issue).

unnamed (2)

The three of us started with the antipasti platter… cheese = happiness.

 unnamed (3)

I chose the kale salad (comes with sugared walnuts, pecorino, mimosa dressing) and added grilled salmon. It was light but filling, and the salmon was cooked perfectly!

unnamed (4)

For dessert, I put my pre-race dinner decaf coffee plan in place. Money.

unnamed (6)

Annnd we had to try the flourless chocolate tart with ALMOND GELATO. Are you kidding me!! So amazing.

unnamed (7)

Parker and I were off to bed after dinner, and not enough hours of sleep later, it was time to get ready for the Hot Chocolate race! We layered up (which I ended up wishing I had more layers!) and took an obligatory Snap Chat using this limited-edition border.

unnamed (8)

Hey, bae.


Oh, but it happened.

Brent picked us up around 6, and we were parked, porta-pottied, and corralled up with about 20 minutes to spare. This is when I almost froze to death. I literally could not feel where my feet were on the ground for the first half mile. It was kind of scary!! Thought I was going to fall, and as entertaining as that would have been, I’m glad my body parts thawed a bit as the race went on.

unnamed (20)

Yay for marshmallows with pretzel extremities!

unnamed (9)

Yeeeea, so about that 15K…

I ended up running the 5K instead and was SO happy with that decision. And not just because it was insanely cold. Both Brent and Parker were running the 5K, and I wanted to finish earlier so I could hang out with them more. And thirdly, my butt was so sore from a workout I did Thursday morning, I don’t think the 15K would have been in my butt’s best interest (really, I was hobbling around all day Friday). So, instead, I tried to run the 5K as fast as I could instead. I felt like I was flying but apparently I couldn’t tell what my numb body was doing in that cold and finished just under 25:30. Not a PR at all but still a win in my book because look what we got after!!! —>

unnamed (18)

Is that not adorable? Hot chocolate and fondue with marshmallows, rice krispie treat, banana, pretzels and a wafer for dipping. So fun!

unnamed (19)

The course wasn’t too bad minus the big ass hill close to mile 2. But, we were then rewarded with a long downhill near the end of the race. They had a band playing for the post-race party, but I could not get back to the car fast enough! We immediately headed to the Frothy Monkey to warm up with some coffee.

unnamed (21)

Muuuuch better.

And it was SUNNY! Hooray!

unnamed (22)

hey there, Squints

What comes after every race?? BRUNCH. We had reservations at City Fire, and these people know how to do brunch!

unnamed (23)

unnamed (27)

$8 bottomless mimosas… you DID hear right. So great. The mimosas are pre-made in mimosa jugs (is that a thing?), so I couldn’t ask for “light on the OJ”/ “I’d like a mimosa, hold the OJ”, but for $8, I’ll take it! One of my coworkers and one of Brent’s friends met up with us for a fun post-race celebration.

unnamed (24)

We started with an order of Sizzle Chips for the table. Oh wow, these were amazing. The chips were warm and salty, and they were pretty much a bacon & blue cheese version of nachos.

unnamed (25)

For brunch, I had the huevos rancheros. I somehow have never ordered huevos?? I’m glad I did it here though, because they were On. Point. Served on top of corn tortillas with layers of black beans (they were mashed up like a spread for the tortilla), fried egg, tomatillo salsa, feta, cilantro and the best, avocado. I also got a side of their sweet potato hash on the side.

unnamed (26)

unnamed (13)

Happy brunchers

We said goodbye to my coworker and Brent’s friend and headed to Jackson’s for a little while. Parker and I hopped into a couple stores while Brent held up the fort at the bar (not sure why he didn’t want to come with us?!). It was nap time after that! The three of us lounged around Brent’s apartment while watching the classic Valentine’s Day film, Twister. Love it. Before heading to round 2 of food fest, we grabbed some champagne and oysters (told you, ROMANCE). See this lovely sparkling rose? It was $24 a glass. Did not know that. And almost punched the bartender when he told me. Obviously not his fault, but I should have looked a little closer at the Valentine’s Day menu with price listings, oops!

unnamed (14)


unnamed (15)


Then this happened…

And this…

unnamed (10)

I haven’t had queso in a long time (high five!), but I made up for lost time. A couple coworkers met us along with two of Parker’s friends for a Mexican feast at my fave, Chago’s.

unnamed (16)

After drinking all the queso (you thought I was going to say margaritas… well, I drank them too), I had a chicken taco salad.

unnamed (11)

We had a blast at dinner, and Brent had had enough girl time by then and headed home after we ate (he actually loves girl time, but he had a flight to catch today). The ladies moved on to blvd for some vino. I hadn’t been to blvd before… Such a cute place, and I was so glad to meet Kate and Blaire. #besties

unnamed (12)

Galentine’s Night

All in all, great weekend. Always great to see Parker and to harass her the whole weekend about moving here :)

Let’s talk about something healthier than drinks on drinks and queso (you better believe I stocked up on everything green at Trader Joe’s this morning)… workouts and Sunday prep coming up—>



Stair mill workout + random ab work


Workout #4 from the Winter Shape Up series




12-minute treadmill workout (jog 2 minutes, then each minute I increased the speed – 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, walk, then 1 minute each at 7.0, 8.0, 9.0) + the deadly Muncher Cruncher workout that left my legs dead for 2 days (it was the workout with low lunge/row/bicep curl/shoulder press, plank + mountain climber combos, deadlifts, and side plank twists)






Walked around Trader Joe’s

It was a lighter week workout-wise (even though that one workout almost killed me), but I was pretty tired this week and had a good bit going on, so honor thy body y’all and rest when you need it!

Sunday Prep

unnamed (29)

Roasted kale, roasted shaved brussel sprouts, roasted veggie mix (zucchini, mushrooms & butternut squash), tempeh marinated in liquid aminos and a hard-boiled egg. ONE, people, ONE. That’s the only one out of six that actually cooked correctly. I’m over it. I finally am trying hemp seeds, too!

unnamed (28)

YAY! They are a great source of protein and vitamins, and I just felt like a healthy hippie buying them! I put a tablespoon in my overnight oats for tomorrow morning, so we will see how that goes :)

This cracked me up —> 23 Things That Are Steamier Than “50 Shades of Grey”

GREAT NEWS! The ZOOMA women’s race series announced that they are coming to Nashville! Wine, shopping, yoga, post-race massages… heaven. This race is right up my alley… and only 265 days away! Go sign up and run with me!!


Time for round 1 of The Bachelor this week! (2 episodes in one week makes me way happier than it should). Hope you had an awesome weekend!


How do you use hemp seeds? Cooking/food answers, only, people!


Ever run a ZOOMA race?


Any cold runs this weekend?

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  1. Love reading your blog, Karina! Always gives me a little motivation. I was in an awful mood, thought to myself, “I’m going to check Karina’s blog.” Did it. Instantly happier! Hope to see you soon!

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