bachelorette & babies

Happy Monday! How was the weekend?



My thoughts exactly today. Had a lot of fun over this rainy weekend (never been so excited to see rain Saturday… so much better than ice!), but I’m left exhausted in the aftermath!

Unfortunately, the winter weather canceled my Friday night dinner date. I was bummed, but no worries… plan B was put in to place and everything went smoothly. I got out of work early Friday (since we yet AGAIN got another layer of the wintry crap) and booked it to the liquor store… priorities, right? Brent got back in town late Thursday, so it was nice to have a night in with him. I tried a new bottle of wine that I saw on Gina’s blog, and it was GREAT. I’m loving these darker wine blends… yum! Also found this spinach hummus at Whole Foods for an appetizer.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)


We rented the movie Fury for our big night in – it was a good movie but I almost fell asleep a few times (no surprise there). I had a Whole Foods random salad for dinner, and I picked up some pizza for Brent while I was there.


This guy wanted in on the fun, too. I know how to live it up on a Friday night!


CAUGHT! This is actually a scarf. And Brent’s wine glass.. he’s a lucky guy to get this type of entertainment, isn’t he??

Saturday, the festivities began! My friend Hannah from PT school was in town for her bachelorette party. A bunch of our PT girlfriends were in town for the party too. We started the evening with dinner at Saint Anejo. Mexican two weekends in a row… score.


Celebrated National Margarita Day one day early. This hibiscus marg was incredible!


Guac guac guac.


I had the veggie of the day quesadilla; it was stuffed with zucchini, squash and asparagus. SO good. We had a great time catching up, although they had to seat us at two different tables (the other table ordered queso, so I made sure to make a couple trips over to “say hi”).


After dinner, we rode with one of our friends (yay for sober pregnant drivers! :) ) to the hotel our friends were staying at for the lingerie shower.


Awesome wine glasses my roomie Sara made. She baked them in the oven after painting. Mind blown.

We answered questions about the bride (there were 27 questions front and back… her sister is a teacher, obviously) and then listened to her future husband’s answers to questions about their relationship. That’s always my favorite part!


Beautiful bride!

unnamed (3)

Mirror caught the selfie!

unnamed (4)

Sweet Joanna!

After the lingerie shower, our group headed to Big Bang on Broadway. It’s a dueling piano bar, so it was perfect for our dancing crew!


unnamed (6)

Feather-themed veil! (also made by Sara) And Sweats McGee on the left.

We tried to pretend we were still 25 and in PT school and danced the night away! We had a blast but WOW I was dragging yesterday. And today. We tried to take a roomie picture since we haven’t taken one since we moved in together IN JULY, and this is the best we got:

unnamed (7)

Yesterday morning, I woke up way too early (darn you, internal alarm clock) after only 4 hours of sleep, but I was excited to set up for the double baby shower we were throwing at our house! It worked out perfectly to throw our two PT friends a shower since everyone was in town.



I don’t do decorations, so guess what I was in charge of?


Of course! I set up a mimosa bar with 3 different kinds of juices (orange, pomegranate blueberry and pineapple) along with blackberries and strawberries for garnish. I got all the cute (and disposable… easy clean up!) plastic accessories from Party City last week. The party was a pink/black/gold theme. And the food was AWESOME.


Valentine’s candy corn in the utensil jars

My other contribution: build-your-own yogurt parfait with granola, kiwi and blueberries. See the mini flower bowls for individual parfait servings!? I am obsessed with tiny bowls.


Also on the menu were ham and cheese sliders, sausage and cheese balls, mini quiches (frozen – so easy and they turned out great), and CAKE.





Time to dig in!


After we stuffed our faces (perfect brunch after a late night out), our pretty friends opened some presents for Lucy and Avery!


My gift to both of the girls was a package of diapers (PS, you should have seen me in the diaper aisle at the store… highly entertaining. I was so confused) with a little somethin’ for the mommas too! Both girls enjoy running, so I thought it would be fun to add a lululemon headband, so they can look forward to running more after the babies are born!




So much fun celebrating these ladies. They will be the most wonderful mothers!! And don’t they look so good?? Amazing.


Sunday evening after everyone had left and we cleaned up, I had juuust enough energy left to cook some dinner (obviously not enough energy to type up my usual Sunday blog post). I made chicken taco salads. I was kind of planning on being a little tired, so I wanted to have something easy on hand to prepare for the week.


Salsa chicken: chicken breasts, salsa to cover and low sodium taco seasoning envelope. SO EASY.

While waiting on the chicken to cook, I cut up some TJ’s low carb whole wheat tortillas with a pizza cutter, sprinkled them with garlic salt and Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning, popped them in the oven at 350* for about 12 minutes – homemade chips! Served with TJ’s smoked salsa.




The base of our salad was a kale/spinach mixture, topped with black beans, tomatoes, zucchini, salsa chicken, gauc (duh) and salsa.


My workouts from last week were held indoors due to the weather. Not even in my garage where there is more space, but in a small corner of my bedroom. Hey, I made it work!

Weekly Workouts:



Barre Skinny DVD


Tone It Up’s Beach Babe DVD: HIIT and Long & Lean routines


Beach Babe DVD: Surfer Girl workout

Sunkissed Abs

Lift & Tone Booty routine –> this one kicked my butt, literally


Love Your Body HIIT

Bikini Arms Routine

Post-Workout Stretch


30 minutes cardio on the elliptical while reading my book

Saturday and Sunday


It was so great to do a bunch of Karena & Katrina’s workouts (not just because I love it when Katrina says “Great job, Karina Karena!”…she’s totally talking to me). I feel energized after their workouts, and while some of them do not seem terribly difficult at the time, I end up being SO SORE. Awesome. Plus, it was wonderful pretending I was on a beach working out with them/dreaming about Spring while watching the videos! I am looking forward to their Bikini Series (I think it starts in April every year?!). Love it.

I really enjoyed this speech last night from the Oscars. Give the parentals some love!

Please get your browser over to J.Crew Factory immediately. Using the code FROZEN for 30% off plus free shipping. I rarely shop for clothes, but I got a new pair of white shorts for spring/summer… for $20!! That’s it. No shipping added or anything. Incredible.

Speaking of Frozen, did anyone run the Disney Princess Half this past weekend? I am determined to run that race in the next couple years. But I thought this was the cutest costume ever—>


from PRO Compressions Instagram. I NEED THIS OUTFIT.

Well, it’s more taco salad and Bachelor viewing for me tonight! Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep and not feel like a zombie at work tomorrow!


Who do you think will win the Bachelor?

Ever run the Disney Princess races?

Did you celebrate National Margarita Day?

4 thoughts on “bachelorette & babies

  1. So many parties! Fun times :)
    I think Whitney will win the Bachelor, but I’m not sure moving to Arlington, IA constitutes “winning” :)

    I am very excited to one day run the Disney Princess race. I’ve just got to perfect the costume first .
    I will be celebrating National Margarita Day a week late, but I will remember next year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you on the Whitney thing… Haha, no joke! Iowa would not be my idea of winning at all :) It will be so much fun to plan that costume. And better to celebrate marg day later than never!!


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