Friday Favorites and not-so favorites

Guess what’s baaaaack??


I woke up to a few inches of snow yesterday morning! It was the pretty snow, too… the kind that made me want to call in and then play outside all day. Alas, therapy never sleeps, so I made it into work without too much trouble. The main problem was waiting around to see if my 6am barre class was cancelled or not. It seemed that it was still on, but I couldn’t get my car defrosted in time to make the class. Womp, womp. My body could probably use a rest day anyway :)

Now, let’s jump into Friday Favorites (linking up with Heather)!


– Twice


I have used Twice to sell my clothing a few times now. They accept certain brands of clothing (listed on the site) that are gently worn (from the past 5 years only). You don’t get a TON of money for what you send in, but the best part about the service is the convenience! You type in your address after making an account online, then they send you this ginormous bag that you can stuff full of your no longer needed clothing (Spring cleaning, anyone!?), and shipping back to them is free! Then, they contact you to tell you how much they will offer you; you can accept this offer, or they will send items back to you (you pay shipping). Also, if they cannot accept something, they will donate the item(s) for you! Pretty cool. And I’m too lazy to list things on eBay sometimes, so this is a great option.

– Sushi night

Wednesday evening after work, my roommate, some of our mutual coworkers and I met for a happy hour/sushi dinner. What could be better?? We sat down around 5PM AT PM (forgive my jokes, I’m a little sleep-deprived), and quickly learned that all bottles of wine were half off. Done and done. Sara and I split a lovely Zin, and we all chatted about the ridiculousness of the therapy world.

unnamed (5)

Miso soup and wine with the cold weather hit the spot! I started with a ton of edamame (why can I never spell that word??) and then went with the Rainbow Roll. Perfect evening!


– Pure Barre


How’d you know this one was coming? It’s been great having this workout back in my life! Always good to switch up the routine. There are so many muscles that are so sore that I forgot existed. Hello there, gluteus medius (I think that’s the only muscle I remember from PT school…)!

– Posh podcast


LISTEN! What an awesome podcast. DJs mix new music every week (and it’s free?!), and I promise you, my 30-minute solo spin session at the gym Wednesday absolutely flew by while listening to it. I didn’t plan out a certain ride, but I just spun to the music, and I was dripping sweat. There’s a good mix of old and new songs, and you’ll feel like you’re at a dance club (except that it’s 5am, and the thought of a dance club makes you want to puke a little).

– Pictures of my parents’ new puppy

Meet Callie!


This little sweetheart has joined the family! My sister and her fiance just picked her up yesterday and will be delivering her to her new parents this weekend. I have gotten so many adorable pictures of Callie on our family group text, and I can barely stand the cuteness. I’m so happy my parents decided (well, my mom decided :) ) to get another dog. I think it will be such a good thing for my parents after Holly passed away… it’s difficult to fill a void like that, but a precious little one sure should help! I will get to meet her in April (TOO FAR AWAY), and I can’t wait to love on her!


Otis showing Callie how to pose for pictures. I don’t know how my sister gets them to do this.

Make Your Bed. Make Your Bed? Make Your Bed!

This article is so fantastic. I know it may seem like a petty chore, but I truly believe that making your bed has incredible psychological benefits. Whenever I was going through a tough time, my dad’s first piece of advice was always “make your bed every morning.” I was excited to see this article on Twitter the other day (I forwarded it to my dad, and he wrote back, “Duh!”)

What to do when you gain weight

Thank you, THANK YOU, Brittany for this awesome, honest post. I definitely related to it, and it has some great sane, realistic tips for getting back on track.

How to not lose muscle mass while marathon training and this weekly running/strength splits schedule

I always maintain my strength training while training for a half marathon, but it can be sporadic. This weekly schedule really intrigued me, and I may incorporate something like that into my next round of half training (ummm, September? I’m on a running sabbatical right now).

– Two Bad Bodies Insta


Ummm hello, ladies. So fit. These girls post some really creative and super difficult-looking workouts!

Now, for the “not-so favorite” part. The idea came from Heather’s post – it got me thinking about the things I’m most afraid of (aka the Friday Anti-Favorites). Let me know if you feel me on any of these!

My biggest fears…


So, I was going to type “heights”, but that’s not exactly true. I don’t mind being up high, like in an airplane or even standing on a mountain, but I can NOT be near the edge of any high-up surface. It makes me want to drop to the ground and crawl away. I am terrified of standing near way high-up balconies (even if there’s a sturdy railing). I remember even being at the top of the Eiffel Tower in high school (you are completely closed in at the top like a cage), but I could not get near the edge of it! I don’t mind if I’m on the top floor of a tall building as long as there are solid walls surrounding me, it’s fine. No open-air edges for me though! I can’t EVEN tolerate looking at this…


Chicago, I’d love to visit you sometime. But this… absolutely not. (source)

– Tight or crowded spaces

Thinking about being trapped in a tight space or being in a really crowded area (not crowds like at a concert or bar, but like at the grocery store and I get trapped in an aisle and can’t move). I guess just being trapped in general is pretty horrifying to me. I’m totally an aisle-sitter wherever I go!


I guess there’s a plus-side to crowds?

– Blood draws

I am so awful with getting blood drawn or watching blood being drawn. If I just think about it too much, I will get lightheaded. Pretty bad for someone that works in a hospital, right? It really is inconvenient, since I have to leave the room if the nurse starts up with those dang needles. If I have to get blood drawn, someone has to go with me (because I tend to pass out), I lie down, talk incessantly/obnoxiously to the nurse to get my mind off of it, then immediately eat something or drink juice right after. Whew, what a wimp! And I do apologize, Blood Bank… I hope to one day not be such a wiener and donate to you.

– ET

Yes, as in the Extra Terrestrial. I used to have nightmares about him when I was younger, and he still terrifies me. I can’t watch the movie when it comes on TV! My roommate in college used to turn on the movie to scare me, another good friend of mine (JESSICA) used to try to dress up like him and make alien noises, AND one year my parents each gave me a copy of the ET limited edition movie for Christmas. Ugh. Bikes with baskets kind of creep me out too. And no, I don’t like Reese’s Pieces.

– Tiny clusters of holes

DON’T LOSE ME ON THIS ONE, PEOPLE! Hear me out. It’s a real thing, and it’s called trypophobia. Look it up. If I look it up (to make sure I’m spelling it right), I have to cover up the images that they sneak onto the search engine page (RUDE and SICK, search engine creators!). I’m not technically afraid of them, I guess, but my gosh, seeing anything like this makes my skin crawl. Wasp nests, honeycomb, those awful seed pods they throw into otherwise pretty flower arrangements (whichever florist thought of that idea should be fired)… ugh, I could literally throw up.

Ok, moving on… so glad I got that last one off my chest. :)

I am so readyyyy for the weekend! Lucky me, not working this weekend again, so time to put on my party pants (aka my PJ pants)! Any big plans this weekend? I’ll be hitting up some Pure Barre classes and hopefully some Mexican food. Happy Friday!


What is one of your biggest fears?

What song is getting you pumped to workout right now? I need suggestions, because I finally downloaded Spotify!

Do you have a go-to sushi order? I usually order edamame for the table myself, a house or seaweed salad, miso soup, and either the rainbow roll or a roll wrapped in cucumber, yum!

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and not-so favorites

  1. Love your blog, Kar!!! How did you forget your fear/dislike for ET?! Are you over that? ( I mean really, how can something that loves Reese’s pieces be scary?!) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m absolutely with you on trypophobia. It just makes my skin CRAWL. Ugh. My brother used to have like a koosh ball that you would squeeze and things would come out all the holes.

    But that puppy is SO cute. I want a baby husky someday something fierce!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Small spaces is one of my worst fears! You hit the nail on the head with saying you were an aisle sitter…I have to sit on an aisle for any movie, concert, etc. most of the time. I hate feeling cramped! Another fear/discomfort of mine is long car rides. I’m a very active person so sitting for such a long period of time is hard enough but it’s also a small space inside of a car and I have limited movement. Anything over an hour is far too long!

    Liked by 1 person

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