treadmill tabata + incline workout

Hello friends and Happy Friday to you! I was going to share an awesome circuit workout I did a few weeks ago today, but somehow after putting the written workout on my bed next to my laptop and then leaving the room, I lost it. I have literally looked everywhere (laundry, trash, a package I’m shipping…), but no luck! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend, whew.

Instead, I’ll be sharing a treadmill interval workout that incorporates some tabata training. AND it’s only 20 minutes long. Stay tuned.

Wednesday night, I got to meet up with an old high school/college friend for happy hour. Alex was in town for work, so Brent and I met him at Jonathan’s Grille for ladies’ night.

this is exactly what the three of us looked like. SO MUCH FUN AND LAUGHTER.

We had a great time catching up and drinking double-pour wine at 4:00pm.

Jonathan’s doesn’t mess around with happy hour. I can’t even handle these pours.

Since I’m typing this post on Throwback Thursday, I thought you’d be interested to know that in college, for an All Sing charity, Alex and I recreated the Dirty Dancing dance for the entire campus (or at least it felt like the entire campus was there). It was one of my favorite memories from college, because we practiced SO much and I was SO nervous, but we pulled it off great! Maybe if you’re lucky (and if I can figure out the technology, so… fat chance) I’ll share the video some day.


So, let’s get into some Friday Favorites before I share the workout with you! Linking up with the lovely Heather today for #FFavorites!

Friday Favorites

– Preds win, you win

Every time the Nashville Predators win, you can get a free medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts using the app. The Preds win a LOT, so they give away a ton of coffee.

I always end up getting two coffees, so if you’re my favorite coworker of the day, you get a prize! Thank you, Preds. I will go to one of your games one day.

– Starbucks breakfast

Speaking of coffee, this breakfast from Starbucks hit the spot yesterday. This breakfast is nothing new to me, but it needs some recognition here on my Friday Favorites list.

swirling blonde roast. whoa.

spinach feta wrap. my favorite.

– wycwyc podcast

I have been loving this podcast lately. wycwyc stands for “What You Can When You Can” and I so believe in this concept. It presents healthy living in a balanced, non-stressful way. Life can throw curve balls at any time, and as long as you do your best (do what you can when you can) in the given moment/situation, then you are heading in the right direction. For example, when the gym was closed because of snow last week, I set up my yoga mat in my tiny room and did some YouTube videos; it may have not been a full-out calorie-blasting spin class at the gym, but at least I got myself moving. Healthy living is a balancing act, and I think aiming for perfection will set you up for failure.

I am super excited that there is a wycwyc book coming out soon! Pre-order it!!


– This treadmill workout. It’s an old workout I wrote up years ago, but the workout I did today from the Tone It Up weekly schedule kind of reminded me of it. It incorporates tabata (4 minutes of 20 seconds full effort, 10 seconds rest) and incline running. Inclines always get my heart rate up fast, even more so than speed work usually. Here you go!

During the tabata 10 second rest periods, I will carefully jump off the treadmill by placing my hands on the treadmill first, then hopping both feet apart to the sides of the treadmill to straddle the moving belt. Be careful hopping back on during the 20 second “on” periods! I won’t let go of the ‘mill with my hands until my feet are down and ready to take off running. Please adjust speeds as needed – don’t try to be a hero and end up flying off the back of the treadmill… do what works for you.

The incline part is a killer. It’s a gradual climb where you get a sort of “break” (ok, not really, because the incline is at 140935098%) to walk for 30 seconds and then run for 30 seconds. Don’t let the slower speeds fool you – the inclines increasing will have you almost running at your normal walking or slow jogging speeds. HAVE FUN!

– lululemon’s new arrivals

They just about gave me a heart attack yesterday morning. I have been very good about not getting worked up over lulu/I banned myself from the store. BUT, GUYS. Their new If You’re Lucky items are… I don’t have words. I pinned everything I want (find me on Pinterest here – let’s be friends and share things), so if anyone wants to buy me any of the following items, I will start giving you my free Dunkin Donuts coffee.


Ok, I’m glad I got that out. They are just so pretty… and I still don’t own pants with mesh detailing, and this is a major problem.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Any big plans? Brent and I were supposed to go away for a cabin weekend, but the snow in East Tennessee kind of messed up those plans!

Good job, Nashville snow! You stay on the trees and off of the road!!

Cancelled plans are always okay in my book though, and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


What are you loving this Friday?

Choose: treadmill hill or speed work??

Any other lululemon addicts reading? Let’s form a support group and save our money together.

Any snow where you are?

15 minute jump rope & burpee HIIT workout

Hello again! I’m popping in this evening to share a workout I did a couple weeks ago and a delicious breakfast. This is a quick workout you can do when you’re short on time! I did this workout the morning before I went out of town for my sister’s wedding shower, and it really does the trick! I was sweating my booty off in a freezing cold garage.

What you’ll need: jump rope (you can jump without a rope or perform jumping jacks instead), Bosu ball, timer (I use the Interval Timer app)

Descriptions of exercises:

Here’s your regular burpee (source)


  • Bosu burpees: perform a regular burpee holding a Bosu ball. Put the ball side down onto the ground and then come into a plank position holding the edges of the Bosu. When you come up to stand, raise Bosu ball overhead.


  • Single arm/leg burpees: regular burpee but in plank position, only have one arm on ground (or one leg touching ground for single leg burpee)


  • Traveling burpee: regular burpee and when you come back up, jump as far forward as you can into a squat and perform another burpee —> here!


  • Burpee with tuck jump: regular burpee then perform a tuck jump




  • Burpee with plank jack: complete a burpee, and while you’re in the plank position, perform two plank jacks


  • Burpee with jump lunges: full regular burpee, and after standing up jump into a lunge position then jump and switch legs so the opposite leg is in a lunge position, then burpee!


You can always make this workout more difficult by performing it 2x through or by taking less rest time after your burpee variation (or by doing the variation for a whole minute instead of 30 seconds).

*Please consult your physician before attempting a new workout program!


I had the best breakfast this morning!! I loved having time to come home from the gym (did a slow 3-mile run on the dreadmill this morning), shower and cook breakfast at home before my course today. Usually, I pack a huge gym bag so I can shower and get ready at the gym then eat breakfast at my desk when I get to work (always so hectic. I’m a bag lady).

This morning, I pulled out a pan and a REAL plate and made a butternut squash, spinach & feta egg white wrap! First, I made an egg white (poured them out of the carton.. so easy) and set it aside on a plate to await stuffing.

Then, I cut up some cubed butternut squash that I roasted yesterday and sauteed it with some fresh spinach.

Add the mixture to the middle of the egg white and top with feta (best part! I used light feta).


Roll her up and breakfast is made! Holy yum, I loved it. I mostly just love cheese.

—>Check out my Fitness page for more FUN workout ideas!


For my fellow Grizzlies fans (from Mike Conley’s Insta)

ramp up, down + row workout

Finally FRIDAY! I’m off to Memphis today after work for my sister and her fiance’s first wedding shower! It’s a kitchen shower/stock the bar, so it should be a good time. Any plans this weekend??




This picture was from Wednesday. School canceled, not work, so I was off to the gym to complete this workout:

(no, it’s not TMI… although I do tend to share too much on occasion… you’ll see)

I really loved the Orangetheory-inspired workout I did a few weeks ago and wanted to do another one that was more speed-focused (this counts as my speed work before my half marathon next weekend, right?). I had to include my new shoes in the workout… now they are officially broken-in! You just need access to a treadmill and a rower for this workout. You will start by “ramping up” the speeds during certain time intervals, then complete the same time intervals again while “ramping down” the speeds. In between the ramp ups/downs, you will row for 250 meters. The speeds in the workout are the ones I used, but please increase/decrease the speeds according to your fitness level! You will complete the blocks (“TM1” and “TM2” aka treadmill 1 & 2… creative, right?) two times each for a total of 4 treadmill sessions and 4 rowing sessions. I also set the treadmill at a 1% incline while running. Again, adjust speeds/inclines and rest as needed.

This workout does go by fast, I promise!

Remember, do not start a new exercise program without consulting your physician! :)


Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with the lovely Heather again this week for #FFavorites! These are a few things I’m enjoying this week…


  • Lettucewich from WhichWich

So, I know I mentioned this on Wednesday’s post, but I haven’t stopped thinking about Monday night’s dinner. So delicious, and I will always pay extra for avocado.




These babies were obviously the star of my workout from Wednesday morning. I have never run in Sauconys before (these are the Guide 7s <—on sale!), but I’m a huge fan! I usually run in Mizunos, but these shoes were too cute to pass up, and they felt good as I awkwardly jogged around Dick’s Sporting Goods on Sunday. I know I’m not supposed to do anything “new” on race day, but my Mizunos have been worth through 3 half marathons now, and they are ready to retire!


And from another angle..

  • Grizzlies watch parties

Wednesday night, I attended my first Memphis Grizzlies’ watch party at a bar here in Nashville! It was fun to be around a bunch of Grizz fans, even though I was out on a school night. My Grizz gear was getting dusty…

photo 1

a little grainy… it was dark!

They were giving away some Grizz swag, too! Just like at a game (which if you read my Top 14 of ’14 post, you know how much I love Grizzlies games)!

photo 4

Got a new hat, headband and koozie! A few of my friends and I split chips and guac/salsa. It was a fun night!!


  • The Skimm


The Skimm is a newsletter e-mailed to you daily (M-F) highlighting all the important happenings in the world. And it’s written in a way that I can even follow! I look forward to reading this every morning since I do not really make time to watch or read the news during the day. I highly recommend subscribing if you’re busy (or if you don’t always understand what’s going on in the news like myself :) ).

  • These bandaids

J.CREW BANDAIDS! My mom gave me these high-fashion bandaids in my Christmas stocking this year. I finally used one today at work, and it was definitely the most stylish thing I had on. And, yes, my thumb is huge.


I will be back to recap the Memphis weekend in a few days, but I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!!


Think I should wear my new bling to the party this weekend? A patient at our hospital makes this jewelry and was giving it away FOR FREE this week. Score.

yep, cobras.


What are you loving this Friday?

Do you love or hate (or love to hate) the rowing machine?

Anyone else get new shoes recently?!

sweaty kettlebell workout

Hi and happy weekend! Hope you’ve been enjoying your Sunday so far. I wanted to pop in to share the circuit workout I completed Friday morning! It was tough but short… perfection. Don’t forget a towel!!

For this workout, you need a kettlebell, a jump rope (or you can do jumping jacks), a box or elevated surface and a bench. Set a timer and do each move for 1 minute. Complete the circuit 2x through for a 20 minute workout (may be a little longer than 20 so you have time to rest as needed).

The moves –>

  • KB squat –> upright row: Hold kettlebell in both hands, perform a regular squat. On the way up from the squat, pull the kettlebell up toward your chin (but not past shoulder level)
  • Alternating KB swings: One-armed kettlebell swings. Switch hands at the top. Here’s a video. Remember, this is a lower body exercise, so really drive from your hips on the way up!
  • Burpees –> box jump: Find a box or stable raised surface (test jumping up to it to make sure it isn’t too high – DON’T SMASH YOUR SHINS)


  • KB deadlifts: perform a deadlift holding a kettlebell
  • 180 jump lunges + squats: Start facing one direction in a lunge position (make sure your knee does not shoot out over your toes). Jump up while turning to face forward into a squat. Jump up again and turn the other way into a lunge with the opposite leg in front (180 degree part of the exercise… not 180 jump lunges, kill me). Jump back to the front to the squat and continue!
  • KB goblet squat: Hold a kettlebell and perform this low squat


  • Plank jacks: Plank position, jump feet out and in. Here!
  • KB lunge exchange with squat hop: Holding kettlebell in right hand, step right leg back into a left lunge while passing kettlebell underneath left thigh to left hand, stand back up. Kettlebell in left hand, step left leg back into a right lunge while passing kettlebell underneath right thigh to right hand. Keeping right leg in low lunge position, bring left leg forward to meet it into a squat (hold kettlebell with both hands) and perform a small hop. Keep going!
  • Traveling burpees:

  • Bench hops:

*Remember to consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program!


I need to share this amazing spin on a grilled cheese that I made Thursday night. It’s a BEAK sandwich (thanks to Suzi for the name), and I want 100 of them. Bacon, Egg, Avocado, Kale… BEAK!

Served with some tomato soup for dipping of course. On the sandwich: 1 garlic & herb Laughing Cow cheese wedge, sautéed kale, a little TJ’s reduced fat shredded cheese, 2 slices turkey bacon, 1 egg (I cooked it through so it was non-dippy since this meal was messy enough already) and 1/4 sliced avocado. YUM.


Saturday morning, I finally did a long run! Made it 10 miles and did not thaw out until that afternoon. I didn’t check the temperature until I got back, and it was 10 DEGREES. Gross. Better than 100 degree running, though.

Layered up and packed my fuel, water and not enough tissues.

My “it’s 6am on a Saturday, what am I doing” face

My water bottle and Gu froze during the run. Awesome. Then I dropped one of my beloved margarita shot bloks on the ground but I picked it up and ate it anyway. Don’t worry, I killed off any bacteria it may have picked up by drinking an actual margarita that night, but I’ll get to that later.

I am weird and don’t usually listen to music on my longer runs. Instead I catch up on podcasts, like my favorite, The Chalene Show. I’ve been creepily obsessed with Chalene since college, and her podcasts are excellent. I’m now a huge fan of this Michael Hyatt dude, too. SET ALL THE GOALS.

I refueled with avocado/egg toast (avocado on the side because one half is not enough) and TJ’s garlic salt on top.

THEN, I was off to my Girls on the Run training! I will be a head coach at a school here in Nashville starting in February, and I am SO excited. I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of coaching after spending a day at the training. Plus, we got to hang out at the Tennessee Titans training facility. So cool.


We learned about the history (‘herstory’) of GOTR and policies during the morning session, and then after lunch (Jason’s deli was provided), we headed out to the bubble to practice a couple lessons on the turf!

We finished up about an hour early, so I met up with Brent and a few friends to watch some football!

Love any excuse to wear workout clothes to a bar. Tried out Taqueria del Sol for dinner and MARGS. Trio of salsas = incredible. I’m not sure what was in the darker salsa, but I wanted to drink it and marry it.


This morning, Brent and I went to  Pinewood Social for brunch. My brother gave me a gift card for Christmas – thanks, Richie! I need to go back sometime to go bowling (they have karaoke too!).

photo 3 - Copy (4)

It was a really cool atmosphere. Unfortunately, they do not serve mimosas at 9am though (what the heck?!). The food was not anything special (especially considering the price), but they do serve the coffee sweetener like this:

Here’s a bottle of chemicals for you. Serve it with teeny tiny adorable spoons

I got the goat cheese omelet (with spinach and mushrooms). Salad for breakfast? Ok! Not the best omelet I’ve ever had, but you can’t go wrong with goat cheese.

After brunch, we stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I got TWO new pairs of shoes. I’ll show them to you this week. You can hang there in suspense until then.



Locals, have you been to Pinewood Social? Thoughts?


Have you ever volunteered with GOTR?


Go on a run this weekend?! TELL ME ABOUT IT.

circuit workout + wiaw

Good morning! Happy New Year’s Eve! Big plans tonight? funny-New-Years-Eve-party-flyerThat was aggressively sarcastic.. love it. But really, I’m not a huge fan of the NYE crowds (aaand I’m working tomorrow morning), so I will probably be asleep before 10:00 (ok, 9:00). My favorite NYEs have been spent at a friend’s house, having a few glasses of champagne and hopefully some type of cheese is involved (preferably all while wearing pajamas). AND, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions! Mine last year were to buy a new car and to eat less queso dip… I only kept one of these resolutions though (let’s just say my one year anniversary with the new Nissan is coming up in about a week…). funny-new-years-resolutions-going-to-the-gym-funny-someecards1Will you be setting any resolutions this year? I have my 30 Before 30 list to complete (I am updating you on it later this week), so that takes care of a lot of my goals! Fitness-wise, I’m going to try to focus more on my strength training and fit in more yoga. I used to lift weights a lot more often (heavy ones, too!), and I love the results and strength I build when I train more often. More yoga just needs to happen… I have an ornery neck/upper back and I feel so much better (slash-complain to Brent less often) when I keep up with my yoga practice.

Food-wise, I always try to eat cleaner, but I like to keep it balanced (see: CAKE below). Perfect segue into #WIAW!

What I Ate Wednesday

Time for my weekly link-up with Jenn (first-name basis, right??) for WIAW. This is a recap of everything I ate yesterday:



Whole wheat English muffin, sunflower butter, 1 sliced banana, sprinkled with cinnamon.


I don’t taste the “HINT OF SALT”… Nala doesn’t either… #lies



Ugly mashed up thing in Tupperware = quinoa, spinach, 1/2 avocado, 1 Garden Burger

On Sunday, I cooked 1 cup of quinoa for the week and mixed in 2 wedges of garlic & herb Laughing Cow cheese. The spinach is raw but wilts down when I microwave it.

This was a special lunch add-on… I don’t really crave sweets, especially not cake, but this was homemade strawberry cake one of my coworker’s mom made, and I couldn’t say no.


It’s PINK and beautiful and moist (sorry, I said moist)!!!!


For snacks this week, I hardboiled some eggs and bought my favorite Kashi bar (chocolate almond sea salt)



Leftovers. And I couldn’t be more happy about it.


Thanks, guys, I’ll be here all week.

this. lululemon. bag.DSCN0781It’s perfect and huge… fits all the stuff. The other bag I’d been using wasn’t cutting it anymore. I shower/get ready for work (ok, sometimes I don’t shower, but that’s for a later post once we know each other better) at the gym almost every morning… and I have a lot of crap! It has pockets for sweaty clothes, a shoe bag, a yoga mat, and pretty much anything you’d need for the gym/life. DSCN0782And love the cute print inside :) I used it yesterday morning and immediately fell in love. And it’s reflective for all those times you’re dodging oncoming traffic in the wee hours of the morning… or at night, I guess, but I don’t leave the house past 5pm. #pajamatime

DSCN0776And it’ a good thing there’s a sweaty clothes pocket, because this workout yesterday got me good. I really REALLY miss my Orangetheory classes I was going to in Memphis (there are studios in Nashville, but I’m trying to just stick with my gym membership for now). In comes Fitnessista with this awesome workout. It’s very similar to the cardio portion of an Orangetheory class, and it flies by since you’re switching between the treadmill and rower (when I got off the rower one time yesterday, this man on an elliptical yelled “good job! that machine is hard!” and I think I yelled back, “it’s awful!” but I can’t be sure, because I was about to pass out).

Here are the speeds I used for the treadmill:

Round 1: .5mi, 3%, 8.0mph then dropped to 7.5 about halfway through (5am, not ready for this yet)

Round 2: .4mi, 5%, 7.0mph

Round 3: .3mi, 7%, 6.0mph

Round 4: .2mi, 9%, 5.5mph

Round 5: .1mi, 11%, 5.0mph

I didn’t really “recover” during the rowing parts (rowing is never a recovery to me), but I pushed it so I could finish more rounds in the 30min time period. I completed the workout with about 30 seconds to spare (including a couple water breaks).

I paired it with this full-body strength circuit fullbodycircuitThis workout hits all the major muscle groups and left me sweatier than I already was! Let me know if you try it! Looks like I have a good head start on my resolution for strength training :)

Hope you guys have a fun and SAFE New Year’s Eve!


Tell me your resolutions! Or do you not make them?

Do you practice yoga regularly?

New Year’s plans??

tabata spin

Good morning! It’s Secret Santa week at work (yes, week.. a present per day, almost like Chrismukkah), and my saint of a Santa started the week with this:

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3285.jpgWell done. I try not to drink D-Coke too often, but I can’t turn down such a wonderful gift :) Besides drinking diet coke, I’ll share some other things I’ve been ingesting (what a lovely word). I pretty much eat the same thing every day for a week straight, so here is my WIAW (for the week!)…

What I Ate Wednesday


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3290.jpgTINIEST COFFEE!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3291.jpgA whole wheat cinnamon raisin English muffin (TJ’s) with an egg white


Forgot to take a picture of my hard boiled egg… I was so hungry, I about swallowed it whole.

Almonds in my man hand



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3292.jpgWheat wrap, the best PB, and a whole banana. Not pretty, but so easy (TWSS?).


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3300.jpgLeftover lasagna and added a scoop of quinoa pesto (for the win. so delicious) because I was feeling crazy.

Also having a glass of $5.99 wine while watching the Grizzlies’ game. I wore my lucky socks, too (and Brent’s banana socks…)


time to sweat

Wanted to share a super sweaty spin workout with you! An instructor at our gym does different “themes” for her classes; this week, she started a strength series and had us suffering in a 3-minute wall sit before the class even started. If only she wouldn’t play techno dungeon music…

The series before this was tabata! I’m a huge fan of quick and to-the-point workouts, and tabata always gets the job done. I created a similar workout that will fly by as you hop on/off the spin bike (be careful!)… Have a mat ready next to you! And remember it’s a short workout, so make sure you go all out during the tabatas. If you’re unfamiliar with tabata, it is an intense workout where you perform one activity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3294.jpgSo, you have 4 tabatas broken up between 1.5-2 minute intervals (1.5 minutes to give yourself time to set up for the next tabata) on the bike, performing at what you perceive is your 50-75% effort. During the speed tabata on the bike, try to increase your RPM each 20 second interval; for strength, add a little resistance at each 20 second mark. On the floor, you’ll perform each of the following exercises for 20 seconds then start again (repeat each exercise 2x during each tabata): mountain climbers, burpees, push-ups and plank jacks.

I use the Tabata Pro app to keep track of my time!

This is funny


I’m excited to start my new book that’s on my list of 10 to read this year

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/92c/79404051/files/2014/12/img_3295.jpgIt’s fitting, since my book was STOLEN when I left it on the elliptical at the gym. I really should just pay better attention to my stuff. Anyone read it?

Let me know if you try the workout! And remember, even though I’m a physical therapist to the stars, I’m not your PT (which is good, because then you would be in the hospital). Always check with your physician before starting a new exercise program! Happy sweating!


Who loves the Memphis Grizzlies??

Do you like tabata workouts?

What are you having for dinner??

that workout I promised you

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I share with you this Christm-ASS workout (I couldn’t help myself.. Punning is genetic, you know). IMG_3171.JPGAlternative workout titles if you’d prefer: Holiday Hiney, Holiday Ham… You get the gist.

What you’ll need:

– Dumbells (I used 15lb)
– Swiss ball
– Resistance band (one you can tie around your ankles)
– optional: during kneeling exercises (the first 3), use a balance/dynadisk under your nonworking knee.

You can definitely do this workout without any weights at all! You can repeat this workout 2-3x if you’re feeling crazy.

The moves:
weighted donkey kick

rainbow leg lifts

fire hydrants

frog leg lifts
<– 3rd exercise down

single leg bridges <– do them on your heel to really target the butt

hamstring curls w/balls

Single leg deadlift into a single leg squat
Perform a single leg deadlift (use 2 weights).

IMG_3185.JPGThen, transition into a single-leg squat on the same standing leg as the deadlift; the leg that was lifted during the deadlift will come down next to the standing leg.. Just touch your toe of that leg to the ground with NO weight through it. Frame both dumbbells around the leg you’re squatting with (all weight through the heel of your foot).


curtsy lunge with hip abduction
Perform a curtsy lunge (all your weight in the heel of the front leg)

IMG_3180.JPGThen, bring the back leg straight out to the side as you stand up, keeping your toes pointing straight ahead.

IMG_3181.JPGwhat’s up 5am hair!

side step squats
Place band around ankles, squat down low and take 20 side steps (make sure you keep tension on the band) to right and then back to the left.


I paired this routine with 30min of cardio while reading my book (and then I left the book at the gym, wha!).

IMG_3176.JPGLove the pink machines:)

Let me me know if you try it!