treadmill tabata + incline workout

Hello friends and Happy Friday to you! I was going to share an awesome circuit workout I did a few weeks ago today, but somehow after putting the written workout on my bed next to my laptop and then leaving the room, I lost it. I have literally looked everywhere (laundry, trash, a package I’m shipping…), but no luck! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend, whew.

Instead, I’ll be sharing a treadmill interval workout that incorporates some tabata training. AND it’s only 20 minutes long. Stay tuned.

Wednesday night, I got to meet up with an old high school/college friend for happy hour. Alex was in town for work, so Brent and I met him at Jonathan’s Grille for ladies’ night.

this is exactly what the three of us looked like. SO MUCH FUN AND LAUGHTER.

We had a great time catching up and drinking double-pour wine at 4:00pm.

Jonathan’s doesn’t mess around with happy hour. I can’t even handle these pours.

Since I’m typing this post on Throwback Thursday, I thought you’d be interested to know that in college, for an All Sing charity, Alex and I recreated the Dirty Dancing dance for the entire campus (or at least it felt like the entire campus was there). It was one of my favorite memories from college, because we practiced SO much and I was SO nervous, but we pulled it off great! Maybe if you’re lucky (and if I can figure out the technology, so… fat chance) I’ll share the video some day.


So, let’s get into some Friday Favorites before I share the workout with you! Linking up with the lovely Heather today for #FFavorites!

Friday Favorites

– Preds win, you win

Every time the Nashville Predators win, you can get a free medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts using the app. The Preds win a LOT, so they give away a ton of coffee.

I always end up getting two coffees, so if you’re my favorite coworker of the day, you get a prize! Thank you, Preds. I will go to one of your games one day.

– Starbucks breakfast

Speaking of coffee, this breakfast from Starbucks hit the spot yesterday. This breakfast is nothing new to me, but it needs some recognition here on my Friday Favorites list.

swirling blonde roast. whoa.

spinach feta wrap. my favorite.

– wycwyc podcast

I have been loving this podcast lately. wycwyc stands for “What You Can When You Can” and I so believe in this concept. It presents healthy living in a balanced, non-stressful way. Life can throw curve balls at any time, and as long as you do your best (do what you can when you can) in the given moment/situation, then you are heading in the right direction. For example, when the gym was closed because of snow last week, I set up my yoga mat in my tiny room and did some YouTube videos; it may have not been a full-out calorie-blasting spin class at the gym, but at least I got myself moving. Healthy living is a balancing act, and I think aiming for perfection will set you up for failure.

I am super excited that there is a wycwyc book coming out soon! Pre-order it!!


– This treadmill workout. It’s an old workout I wrote up years ago, but the workout I did today from the Tone It Up weekly schedule kind of reminded me of it. It incorporates tabata (4 minutes of 20 seconds full effort, 10 seconds rest) and incline running. Inclines always get my heart rate up fast, even more so than speed work usually. Here you go!

During the tabata 10 second rest periods, I will carefully jump off the treadmill by placing my hands on the treadmill first, then hopping both feet apart to the sides of the treadmill to straddle the moving belt. Be careful hopping back on during the 20 second “on” periods! I won’t let go of the ‘mill with my hands until my feet are down and ready to take off running. Please adjust speeds as needed – don’t try to be a hero and end up flying off the back of the treadmill… do what works for you.

The incline part is a killer. It’s a gradual climb where you get a sort of “break” (ok, not really, because the incline is at 140935098%) to walk for 30 seconds and then run for 30 seconds. Don’t let the slower speeds fool you – the inclines increasing will have you almost running at your normal walking or slow jogging speeds. HAVE FUN!

– lululemon’s new arrivals

They just about gave me a heart attack yesterday morning. I have been very good about not getting worked up over lulu/I banned myself from the store. BUT, GUYS. Their new If You’re Lucky items are… I don’t have words. I pinned everything I want (find me on Pinterest here – let’s be friends and share things), so if anyone wants to buy me any of the following items, I will start giving you my free Dunkin Donuts coffee.


Ok, I’m glad I got that out. They are just so pretty… and I still don’t own pants with mesh detailing, and this is a major problem.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Any big plans? Brent and I were supposed to go away for a cabin weekend, but the snow in East Tennessee kind of messed up those plans!

Good job, Nashville snow! You stay on the trees and off of the road!!

Cancelled plans are always okay in my book though, and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


What are you loving this Friday?

Choose: treadmill hill or speed work??

Any other lululemon addicts reading? Let’s form a support group and save our money together.

Any snow where you are?

fireside yoga

Helloooo and happy Friday! It’s been a rainy, dreary day, so after the gym this morning, I treated myself to some Dunkin Donuts!

IMG_3082.JPGCaramel Latte Lite… For $1.99!! If you frequent DD (or just wait for the latte coupons like I do), you should definitely check out their app. You get deals, points (for a free drink) and you can pay with your phone.

I kept my workout on the lighter side this morning on the elliptical since I am running in a race tomorrow morning, and I admit, I’m a little sore after an awesome yoga event last night (sponsored by my fave yoga studio Hot Yoga Plus)!!


fireside yoga

IMG_2903-0.PNGThere was a HUGE turnout! I met up with Jessica there, and we squeezed our mats between hundreds of others (we seem to enjoy crowded fitness events), and managed to only kick each other in the face a few times!

IMG_3074.JPGAs you can see, the “fireside” was actually a projector screen playing a fireplace video. Not warm at all. But I see what they were getting at…

IMG_3073.JPGIt was cool to see so many people come together for a common cause (WINE…kidding…kind of) to support the Nashville Adult Literacy Council. One in eight adults in Nashville are unable to read; this group teaches adults to read and adult immigrants to read the English language (find out about them and volunteering/donating here.)

Keeping with the literacy theme, if you arrived early, you received a copy of The Happiness Project, which I was SO pumped about, since I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile now!

IMG_3066.JPGThe event was also sponsored by lululemon, and the presenter spoke about their #GivePresence campaign… So cool and makes you think about connecting with others more–>
(Warning- video has strong language)

Titans football player alert!


Three different instructors taught three segments for an hour-long yoga practice. The middle segment was taught by the HYP director, Susannah, and MAN, she can make you sweat even with a fake fire! She began her portion of the class with a quote from Thomas Edison: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Pretty powerful quote, Tom. And so true.. for all areas in life! But especially in the situation of a yoga practice, it really resonates with me… You can really surprise yourself with what you can do if you just try!

Anywho, great event overall, except for the late start time which kept me from staying to enjoy the cash bar.

IMG_3085.JPGI’ll be okay, really.

Made up for having no wine last night though. I showed up wearing my new AWESOME sweatshirt to Brent’s… And he had a bottle of rosé chilling in the fridge for me. Great minds. He’s a gem.


Hope everyone had an excellent Friday!!!


Plans this weekend?!
I’m running a 12k race (possibly in the rain) then booking it to brunch after!

Any hot yoga fans?? Running in the rain fans??
I’ve only run one race in the rain… Kind of liked it!