circuit workout + wiaw

Good morning! Happy New Year’s Eve! Big plans tonight? funny-New-Years-Eve-party-flyerThat was aggressively sarcastic.. love it. But really, I’m not a huge fan of the NYE crowds (aaand I’m working tomorrow morning), so I will probably be asleep before 10:00 (ok, 9:00). My favorite NYEs have been spent at a friend’s house, having a few glasses of champagne and hopefully some type of cheese is involved (preferably all while wearing pajamas). AND, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions! Mine last year were to buy a new car and to eat less queso dip… I only kept one of these resolutions though (let’s just say my one year anniversary with the new Nissan is coming up in about a week…). funny-new-years-resolutions-going-to-the-gym-funny-someecards1Will you be setting any resolutions this year? I have my 30 Before 30 list to complete (I am updating you on it later this week), so that takes care of a lot of my goals! Fitness-wise, I’m going to try to focus more on my strength training and fit in more yoga. I used to lift weights a lot more often (heavy ones, too!), and I love the results and strength I build when I train more often. More yoga just needs to happen… I have an ornery neck/upper back and I feel so much better (slash-complain to Brent less often) when I keep up with my yoga practice.

Food-wise, I always try to eat cleaner, but I like to keep it balanced (see: CAKE below). Perfect segue into #WIAW!

What I Ate Wednesday

Time for my weekly link-up with Jenn (first-name basis, right??) for WIAW. This is a recap of everything I ate yesterday:



Whole wheat English muffin, sunflower butter, 1 sliced banana, sprinkled with cinnamon.


I don’t taste the “HINT OF SALT”… Nala doesn’t either… #lies



Ugly mashed up thing in Tupperware = quinoa, spinach, 1/2 avocado, 1 Garden Burger

On Sunday, I cooked 1 cup of quinoa for the week and mixed in 2 wedges of garlic & herb Laughing Cow cheese. The spinach is raw but wilts down when I microwave it.

This was a special lunch add-on… I don’t really crave sweets, especially not cake, but this was homemade strawberry cake one of my coworker’s mom made, and I couldn’t say no.


It’s PINK and beautiful and moist (sorry, I said moist)!!!!


For snacks this week, I hardboiled some eggs and bought my favorite Kashi bar (chocolate almond sea salt)



Leftovers. And I couldn’t be more happy about it.


Thanks, guys, I’ll be here all week.

this. lululemon. bag.DSCN0781It’s perfect and huge… fits all the stuff. The other bag I’d been using wasn’t cutting it anymore. I shower/get ready for work (ok, sometimes I don’t shower, but that’s for a later post once we know each other better) at the gym almost every morning… and I have a lot of crap! It has pockets for sweaty clothes, a shoe bag, a yoga mat, and pretty much anything you’d need for the gym/life. DSCN0782And love the cute print inside :) I used it yesterday morning and immediately fell in love. And it’s reflective for all those times you’re dodging oncoming traffic in the wee hours of the morning… or at night, I guess, but I don’t leave the house past 5pm. #pajamatime

DSCN0776And it’ a good thing there’s a sweaty clothes pocket, because this workout yesterday got me good. I really REALLY miss my Orangetheory classes I was going to in Memphis (there are studios in Nashville, but I’m trying to just stick with my gym membership for now). In comes Fitnessista with this awesome workout. It’s very similar to the cardio portion of an Orangetheory class, and it flies by since you’re switching between the treadmill and rower (when I got off the rower one time yesterday, this man on an elliptical yelled “good job! that machine is hard!” and I think I yelled back, “it’s awful!” but I can’t be sure, because I was about to pass out).

Here are the speeds I used for the treadmill:

Round 1: .5mi, 3%, 8.0mph then dropped to 7.5 about halfway through (5am, not ready for this yet)

Round 2: .4mi, 5%, 7.0mph

Round 3: .3mi, 7%, 6.0mph

Round 4: .2mi, 9%, 5.5mph

Round 5: .1mi, 11%, 5.0mph

I didn’t really “recover” during the rowing parts (rowing is never a recovery to me), but I pushed it so I could finish more rounds in the 30min time period. I completed the workout with about 30 seconds to spare (including a couple water breaks).

I paired it with this full-body strength circuit fullbodycircuitThis workout hits all the major muscle groups and left me sweatier than I already was! Let me know if you try it! Looks like I have a good head start on my resolution for strength training :)

Hope you guys have a fun and SAFE New Year’s Eve!


Tell me your resolutions! Or do you not make them?

Do you practice yoga regularly?

New Year’s plans??