Where have I been?

I’m not sure. I needed a little bloggy break apparently, but I’m back :) How are YOU? I am loving this Sunday sunshine!! Big upgrade from all the rain we’ve had lately (maybe that’s why I wasn’t blogging?? Cuddling up with Netflix was much needed after work this week).


That’s right… iced coffee weather. Hooray! My weekend started off with coffee too (the hot kind). My student’s last day was Friday, so I showered my coworkers with coffee blessings.


And I know what’s been on your mind… what in the world has Karina been eating for breakfast this week?? Well, I didn’t hold out on you, and I managed to take a picture of one meal this week!


banana, coffee, Ezekiel bread with homemade raspberry chia jam (for real – will share this easy ass recipe soon) & an egg

Friday evening, Brent and I met my brother for dinner. Yes, he exists, and we live in the same city yet never see each other. Need to up my sibling game!


We went to M.L. Rose for dinner and drinks while watching some basketball. I had some vino and the chef salad.


Chicken, avocado, egg, tomato, blue cheese, Brent’s pickles he gifted me (true love) with red wine vinaigrette (because 2 glasses isn’t enough)


So happy he’s back in town after this week. This is my unwashed hair/post-Pure Barre look

Speaking of Pure Barre… the challenge is going great! It hurts so bad, but I’m re-addicted to this wonderful workout. I’ve taken 9 classes so far (I cancelled today’s class while I was in line for a port-a-potty, beer in hand last night… oops). The new studio they opened in Nashville is gorgeous, and I want to live there. See, I even got my lucky number locker!


After class yesterday, I headed to Portland Brew with Brent for a coffee date. We did this last Saturday, too, so I wanted to recreate last weekend since I didn’t tell you about it.


Nonfat latte and a PUPPY

I was starving after Pure Barre, coffee date and grocery shopping (what a tough morning, right?). My friend Whitney texted me, and we made lunch plans! Here’s my St. Patrick’s Day weekend outfit… I get credit for green pants, right? Rainy day hair is the best.


I’ve been to Blvd a couple times for drinks, and always thought their menu looked good, so we headed there to try it out!


Why are your glasses so cute!!!

Whitney recently got engaged, so we had a great time catching up on the proposal story and wedding details. I had a couple mimosas and to eat, the quinoa falafel on a multigrain wrap with a side kale salad. Highly recommend this place… I need to try their brunch sometime!


Post-girly lunch, we regrouped, got the boys to put on some green, and headed to South Street. They had some of the garage doors opened upstairs, and it got me really excited for some warmer weather!


In fun mom fashion, I packed a bottle of green food dye to up the festivity of our beverages. The bartender was rather confused when she turned around and all of the beers were green. That’s right, MAGIC.


I am SO much fun… don’t you want to hang out with me? I’ll bring a different color with me next time.

We old folks were in the spirit, so we hung out at a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Greenhouse (remember when I tried to go there a couple weekend ago, and I thought it was abandoned? Well, it’s not). It was college party-style packed. Nappy Roots was there apparently, but I never saw them. It was a really cool place though! I loved all of the twinkle lights, and they had a huge tent in the back too.


Food was needed after our big party night, so Mexican it was! After shoving chips and salsa in my face, I had the chicken taco salad.


I think I made it through 2 sips of that margarita up there in the corner

Here’s what I’ve been doing workout-wise the past 2 weeks…

Weekly Workouts:



30min elliptical


Pure Barre


30min spin bike


OFF (snow)


Pure Barre


Pure Barre


Pure Barre



30min elliptical


Pure Barre


30min treadmill run (1.5mi @6.5mph, .5mi 4.0mph + 8% incline, .5mi @ 8.0mph)


Pure Barre


30min spin bike in the AM, Pure Barre in the PM


Pure Barre



Sunday Meal Prep:


– roasted kale


– protein pancakes (1/4c egg whites, 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon, 1/4c oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein)

– green smoothies (spinach, almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 1 frozen banana)

– tuna salad (tuna, Nayonaise – yes that’s a thing, garlic powder, celery salt, dill weed)

– mushrooms

– spiralized sweet potato

– black bean quinoa burgers

So, these burgers are delicious. Mine didn’t stay together all that well, but it still worked.


– 2 cups black beans, mashed

– 1 cup cooked quinoa

– garlic powder

– 1/4c hummus (I used a Greek style flavored hummus)

– 1/2c feta

– 1/2c oats

– 1/2 onion, diced

After mashing up the black beans, add the other ingredients and mix well. Shape into patties and bake for ~20 minutes at 400* (flip them halfway through).


Took a break from cooking for lunch at Kay Bob’s


Lady Lynn (black bean hummus – I see a theme recurring today) with a side of fruit

annnnd, Sunday Funday oysters and drinks at Urban Grub!



Dinner… served the black bean burgers topped with mushrooms, over kale, with sweet potato curly fries on the side!


Happy Sunday!


Do you eat oysters?

Any St. Patty’s Day celebrations?

Did you miss me?? Good, because I missed you.

egg waffles + pure madness

Hi! Happy March! It’s been a productive little Sunday over here. I took my first Pure Barre class of the #PureMadness challenge, and ohhh man, I’m already sore.

It felt so good to be back at the barre. Love the burn. I fueled up for class beforehand with a protein pancake (1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 scoop Designer Whey vanilla, 1/4 cup egg whites), and today, I added a small smear of coconut oil on top. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever tried this before… so delicious and filling!

How adorable is that coffee mug? I received it as a hostess gift from the baby shower I helped throw last weekend. It’s the perfect size, and I love the monogram.

After Pure Barre, I hobbled my shaky legs over to WhichWich for my favorite Lettucewich!

I have been prepping my food for the week this afternoon and sipping more coffee! I just love Sundays.

Speaking of sausage, I made an awesome breakfast this weekend, thanks to Lindsay! Brent and I had a quiet evening in on Friday watching the Grizzlies game with all the snacks.


After. So fancy, right?

Drinking Saturday Night Red on a FRIDAY. Wild.

I rocked my new Grizzlies shirt that my future brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. Love it.

Ok, sorry, back to the waffles. This recipe was super easy and delicious! Cleaning up the waffle iron was a lot easier than making actual waffles too, which I appreciated.

For 2 waffles, I used:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Trader Joe’s Maple Chicken breakfast sausages (browned on the stove then chopped up)
  • 1/2 diced Roma tomato
  • TJ’s Lite Mexican cheese blend
  • Egg whites – I added this after the mixture was on the waffle iron until the iron was covered enough

I added 1/2 of the mixture to the waffle iron, added some egg whites, spread the ingredients around evenly, and let it cook! Voila!

Fabulous breakfast. Brent enjoyed it too! The maple chicken sausage was a great idea – I had never bought this kind before. I think buying pre-crumbled turkey sausage would be easier for next time, though. AND I think adding some kind of sweet potato hash on the side would be just lovely. :)

Before whipping up the waffles, I got to watch some seriously great Saturday morning television. I watched a couple episodes of The Hills on demand



So worthless. I love that show. After I caught up with Justin Bobby and company, I flipped over to do some serious infomercial watching. I could watch those fitness infomercials for hours. I’ve seen all of them already, too, but I still rewatch them. I should learn to sleep in on the weekends.

Moving on with Saturday, Brent and I grabbed lunch at Edley’s BBQ. My first time there! I ordered the Southern Salad with turkey, minus the bacon. And I gave Brent my croutons. The smoked gouda cheese on there was on point. Yum.

We tried to go to this cute bar called Green House (it actually is a green house), but it seemed abandoned… I did get a picture to show you how pretty the weather was! Always nice to see some sunshine.

let me in!!

We found a fine second choice though and sat down at the bar at Blvd. The bartender convinced me to try his special champagne concoction as opposed to a regular mimosa (he probably thought it was a safe bet to ask me after I ordered it “light on the orange juice”). He called it a Roosevelt: sparkling rose, grapefruit juice & sloe gin. At first, I said no, since gin and I don’t really agree with each other (mostly because of a certain night in college involving gin and me dressed up as one of the Brokeback Mountain cowboys..yeaaaah, anyway..), but he explained that sloe gin is more of a plum-flavored liqueur similar to Chambord. I’m always on-board with Cham-bord, so I gave it a go! It was super refreshing and PINK. Prettyyy!

I wanted another cocktail when I got home, so I made this drink I’ve been dying to try!

Champagne + kombucha (I used the Guava flavor – incredible). It’s basically a health drink.

New besties.

Dinner was at Mafiaoza’s. It’s one of my favorites and always reminds me of my & Brent’s first date (AWWWWWWWW!). Started with the bruschette (they were huge!).

Then I had a slice of pizza with broccoli and mushrooms. So cheesy and wonderful.

Now that you’ve taken in all of those calories via your eyeballs, I’ll share the workouts I did this week!

Weekly Workouts


Sculpt routine from Beach Babe DVD


Back workout (lat pulldown, rows, etc)

45-min spin class


Winter Shape Up workout #1


Tone It Up treadmill workout


Tone It Up beach yoga & inner & outer thighs


OFF/walked from the car to restaurants & bars


Pure Barre

Weekly Prep

Everything white & green!

– Green beans (roasted with minced garlic cloves & salt)

– Roasted kale

– Green juices (1 cucumber, spinach, juice from 1 lemon, 3 kiwis, 1 serving TJ’s cucumber water all blended together and distributed into 3 jars)

– Shredded chicken (cooked in the crockpot with chicken broth, oregano, garlic)

– Hard-boiled eggs – You guys. I went 12 for 12 with successfully peeling my hard-boiled eggs today!! That NEVER HAPPENS. It’s going to be a great week.

– Pureed cauliflower

The pureed cauliflower is new to me! It’s supposed to be like a healthier version of mashed potatoes, and I love it. A lot. First, I boiled one head of cauliflower (I chopped it up into florets) until soft.

Then, into the blender, along with a little unsweetened almond milk, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

I am in serious need of a food processor. My wimpy blender did the trick though!

I’ve got some good eats lined up for the week! But, for dinner tonight, I needed more pizza. I decided to make a less greasy version tonight.

Zucchini pizza boats! I sliced each zucchini in half, scooped out some of the middle and added some TJ’s pizza sauce.

Left to right: add sauce, add sliced tomato, add cheese (TJ’s Lite Mexican blend), top with roasted mushrooms and Italian seasoning. Pop them in the oven at 350* for about 20 minutes or so (I should have left mine in a little longer – the zucchini wasn’t as soft as I’d like it!). EAT.

Probably going to make some more homemade frozen yogurt to go along with The Walking Dead tonight. Anyone else watch it? It’s a little unsettling to watch right before bed, so I usually read blogs during it :) Hope you had a good weekend!!

—> Since it’s March, I updated my 30 before 30 list!


Have you ever made pureed cauliflower?

What did you do all weekend? Drink any champagne?

Am I the only one that watches infomercials?? What’s your favorite one?

bachelorette & babies

Happy Monday! How was the weekend?



My thoughts exactly today. Had a lot of fun over this rainy weekend (never been so excited to see rain Saturday… so much better than ice!), but I’m left exhausted in the aftermath!

Unfortunately, the winter weather canceled my Friday night dinner date. I was bummed, but no worries… plan B was put in to place and everything went smoothly. I got out of work early Friday (since we yet AGAIN got another layer of the wintry crap) and booked it to the liquor store… priorities, right? Brent got back in town late Thursday, so it was nice to have a night in with him. I tried a new bottle of wine that I saw on Gina’s blog, and it was GREAT. I’m loving these darker wine blends… yum! Also found this spinach hummus at Whole Foods for an appetizer.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)


We rented the movie Fury for our big night in – it was a good movie but I almost fell asleep a few times (no surprise there). I had a Whole Foods random salad for dinner, and I picked up some pizza for Brent while I was there.


This guy wanted in on the fun, too. I know how to live it up on a Friday night!


CAUGHT! This is actually a scarf. And Brent’s wine glass.. he’s a lucky guy to get this type of entertainment, isn’t he??

Saturday, the festivities began! My friend Hannah from PT school was in town for her bachelorette party. A bunch of our PT girlfriends were in town for the party too. We started the evening with dinner at Saint Anejo. Mexican two weekends in a row… score.


Celebrated National Margarita Day one day early. This hibiscus marg was incredible!


Guac guac guac.


I had the veggie of the day quesadilla; it was stuffed with zucchini, squash and asparagus. SO good. We had a great time catching up, although they had to seat us at two different tables (the other table ordered queso, so I made sure to make a couple trips over to “say hi”).


After dinner, we rode with one of our friends (yay for sober pregnant drivers! :) ) to the hotel our friends were staying at for the lingerie shower.


Awesome wine glasses my roomie Sara made. She baked them in the oven after painting. Mind blown.

We answered questions about the bride (there were 27 questions front and back… her sister is a teacher, obviously) and then listened to her future husband’s answers to questions about their relationship. That’s always my favorite part!


Beautiful bride!

unnamed (3)

Mirror caught the selfie!

unnamed (4)

Sweet Joanna!

After the lingerie shower, our group headed to Big Bang on Broadway. It’s a dueling piano bar, so it was perfect for our dancing crew!


unnamed (6)

Feather-themed veil! (also made by Sara) And Sweats McGee on the left.

We tried to pretend we were still 25 and in PT school and danced the night away! We had a blast but WOW I was dragging yesterday. And today. We tried to take a roomie picture since we haven’t taken one since we moved in together IN JULY, and this is the best we got:

unnamed (7)

Yesterday morning, I woke up way too early (darn you, internal alarm clock) after only 4 hours of sleep, but I was excited to set up for the double baby shower we were throwing at our house! It worked out perfectly to throw our two PT friends a shower since everyone was in town.



I don’t do decorations, so guess what I was in charge of?


Of course! I set up a mimosa bar with 3 different kinds of juices (orange, pomegranate blueberry and pineapple) along with blackberries and strawberries for garnish. I got all the cute (and disposable… easy clean up!) plastic accessories from Party City last week. The party was a pink/black/gold theme. And the food was AWESOME.


Valentine’s candy corn in the utensil jars

My other contribution: build-your-own yogurt parfait with granola, kiwi and blueberries. See the mini flower bowls for individual parfait servings!? I am obsessed with tiny bowls.


Also on the menu were ham and cheese sliders, sausage and cheese balls, mini quiches (frozen – so easy and they turned out great), and CAKE.





Time to dig in!


After we stuffed our faces (perfect brunch after a late night out), our pretty friends opened some presents for Lucy and Avery!


My gift to both of the girls was a package of diapers (PS, you should have seen me in the diaper aisle at the store… highly entertaining. I was so confused) with a little somethin’ for the mommas too! Both girls enjoy running, so I thought it would be fun to add a lululemon headband, so they can look forward to running more after the babies are born!




So much fun celebrating these ladies. They will be the most wonderful mothers!! And don’t they look so good?? Amazing.


Sunday evening after everyone had left and we cleaned up, I had juuust enough energy left to cook some dinner (obviously not enough energy to type up my usual Sunday blog post). I made chicken taco salads. I was kind of planning on being a little tired, so I wanted to have something easy on hand to prepare for the week.


Salsa chicken: chicken breasts, salsa to cover and low sodium taco seasoning envelope. SO EASY.

While waiting on the chicken to cook, I cut up some TJ’s low carb whole wheat tortillas with a pizza cutter, sprinkled them with garlic salt and Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning, popped them in the oven at 350* for about 12 minutes – homemade chips! Served with TJ’s smoked salsa.




The base of our salad was a kale/spinach mixture, topped with black beans, tomatoes, zucchini, salsa chicken, gauc (duh) and salsa.


My workouts from last week were held indoors due to the weather. Not even in my garage where there is more space, but in a small corner of my bedroom. Hey, I made it work!

Weekly Workouts:



Barre Skinny DVD


Tone It Up’s Beach Babe DVD: HIIT and Long & Lean routines


Beach Babe DVD: Surfer Girl workout

Sunkissed Abs

Lift & Tone Booty routine –> this one kicked my butt, literally


Love Your Body HIIT

Bikini Arms Routine

Post-Workout Stretch


30 minutes cardio on the elliptical while reading my book

Saturday and Sunday


It was so great to do a bunch of Karena & Katrina’s workouts (not just because I love it when Katrina says “Great job, Karina Karena!”…she’s totally talking to me). I feel energized after their workouts, and while some of them do not seem terribly difficult at the time, I end up being SO SORE. Awesome. Plus, it was wonderful pretending I was on a beach working out with them/dreaming about Spring while watching the videos! I am looking forward to their Bikini Series (I think it starts in April every year?!). Love it.

I really enjoyed this speech last night from the Oscars. Give the parentals some love!

Please get your browser over to J.Crew Factory immediately. Using the code FROZEN for 30% off plus free shipping. I rarely shop for clothes, but I got a new pair of white shorts for spring/summer… for $20!! That’s it. No shipping added or anything. Incredible.

Speaking of Frozen, did anyone run the Disney Princess Half this past weekend? I am determined to run that race in the next couple years. But I thought this was the cutest costume ever—>


from PRO Compressions Instagram. I NEED THIS OUTFIT.

Well, it’s more taco salad and Bachelor viewing for me tonight! Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep and not feel like a zombie at work tomorrow!


Who do you think will win the Bachelor?

Ever run the Disney Princess races?

Did you celebrate National Margarita Day?

Hot Chocolate 5K

Hello! Where did the weekend go?! I hope everyone had a fun weekend and that you’re ready for some SNOW.



But really, that snow can take a hike, because this girl does not get snow days. I may just ski to work tomorrow. We do have a 2-night Bachelor special on our hands, though, so all is well. ANYWHO, this weekend has been so much fun. My good friend Parker came in town for the weekend, and it was so wonderful getting to spend time with her! I love getting to see my Memphis friends that I miss so much. We got to enjoy our Galentine weekend (Brent was our third wheel) with new restaurants, running, shopping and of course a couple several adult beverages.

Friday night we tried out The Vine for dinner. It’s only been open a little over 3 months, and this place was PACKED. Turns out, Open Table over-booked them for the evening, so everyone’s reservations were pushed back by about 45 minutes. No problem, though… we found champagne :)

unnamed (1)

Sooo, our water heater was broken, and it was just replaced Friday evening. Tried to take a shower, but it was spitting out brown, cold water, so Thursday-night leftover hair-do it was!


The Vine had a great wine list and a cute bar area, so the wait time for our table flew by. We stuck to just a couple glasses of wine for the night, since we were waking up at 5am for the Hot Chocolate race Saturday morning.

unnamed (5)


The tables were set up with pretty Valentine’s flowers… it was a romantic evening for the three of us. The Vine offers many nice tapas options, along with reasonably-priced entrees, all focusing on fresh-to-table ingredients (and 40% of the menu changes daily!). The atmosphere was super cozy, and the staff was SO friendly and accommodating (and busy as heck with the over-booking issue).

unnamed (2)

The three of us started with the antipasti platter… cheese = happiness.

 unnamed (3)

I chose the kale salad (comes with sugared walnuts, pecorino, mimosa dressing) and added grilled salmon. It was light but filling, and the salmon was cooked perfectly!

unnamed (4)

For dessert, I put my pre-race dinner decaf coffee plan in place. Money.

unnamed (6)

Annnd we had to try the flourless chocolate tart with ALMOND GELATO. Are you kidding me!! So amazing.

unnamed (7)

Parker and I were off to bed after dinner, and not enough hours of sleep later, it was time to get ready for the Hot Chocolate race! We layered up (which I ended up wishing I had more layers!) and took an obligatory Snap Chat using this limited-edition border.

unnamed (8)

Hey, bae.


Oh, but it happened.

Brent picked us up around 6, and we were parked, porta-pottied, and corralled up with about 20 minutes to spare. This is when I almost froze to death. I literally could not feel where my feet were on the ground for the first half mile. It was kind of scary!! Thought I was going to fall, and as entertaining as that would have been, I’m glad my body parts thawed a bit as the race went on.

unnamed (20)

Yay for marshmallows with pretzel extremities!

unnamed (9)

Yeeeea, so about that 15K…

I ended up running the 5K instead and was SO happy with that decision. And not just because it was insanely cold. Both Brent and Parker were running the 5K, and I wanted to finish earlier so I could hang out with them more. And thirdly, my butt was so sore from a workout I did Thursday morning, I don’t think the 15K would have been in my butt’s best interest (really, I was hobbling around all day Friday). So, instead, I tried to run the 5K as fast as I could instead. I felt like I was flying but apparently I couldn’t tell what my numb body was doing in that cold and finished just under 25:30. Not a PR at all but still a win in my book because look what we got after!!! —>

unnamed (18)

Is that not adorable? Hot chocolate and fondue with marshmallows, rice krispie treat, banana, pretzels and a wafer for dipping. So fun!

unnamed (19)

The course wasn’t too bad minus the big ass hill close to mile 2. But, we were then rewarded with a long downhill near the end of the race. They had a band playing for the post-race party, but I could not get back to the car fast enough! We immediately headed to the Frothy Monkey to warm up with some coffee.

unnamed (21)

Muuuuch better.

And it was SUNNY! Hooray!

unnamed (22)

hey there, Squints

What comes after every race?? BRUNCH. We had reservations at City Fire, and these people know how to do brunch!

unnamed (23)

unnamed (27)

$8 bottomless mimosas… you DID hear right. So great. The mimosas are pre-made in mimosa jugs (is that a thing?), so I couldn’t ask for “light on the OJ”/ “I’d like a mimosa, hold the OJ”, but for $8, I’ll take it! One of my coworkers and one of Brent’s friends met up with us for a fun post-race celebration.

unnamed (24)

We started with an order of Sizzle Chips for the table. Oh wow, these were amazing. The chips were warm and salty, and they were pretty much a bacon & blue cheese version of nachos.

unnamed (25)

For brunch, I had the huevos rancheros. I somehow have never ordered huevos?? I’m glad I did it here though, because they were On. Point. Served on top of corn tortillas with layers of black beans (they were mashed up like a spread for the tortilla), fried egg, tomatillo salsa, feta, cilantro and the best, avocado. I also got a side of their sweet potato hash on the side.

unnamed (26)

unnamed (13)

Happy brunchers

We said goodbye to my coworker and Brent’s friend and headed to Jackson’s for a little while. Parker and I hopped into a couple stores while Brent held up the fort at the bar (not sure why he didn’t want to come with us?!). It was nap time after that! The three of us lounged around Brent’s apartment while watching the classic Valentine’s Day film, Twister. Love it. Before heading to round 2 of food fest, we grabbed some champagne and oysters (told you, ROMANCE). See this lovely sparkling rose? It was $24 a glass. Did not know that. And almost punched the bartender when he told me. Obviously not his fault, but I should have looked a little closer at the Valentine’s Day menu with price listings, oops!

unnamed (14)


unnamed (15)


Then this happened…

And this…

unnamed (10)

I haven’t had queso in a long time (high five!), but I made up for lost time. A couple coworkers met us along with two of Parker’s friends for a Mexican feast at my fave, Chago’s.

unnamed (16)

After drinking all the queso (you thought I was going to say margaritas… well, I drank them too), I had a chicken taco salad.

unnamed (11)

We had a blast at dinner, and Brent had had enough girl time by then and headed home after we ate (he actually loves girl time, but he had a flight to catch today). The ladies moved on to blvd for some vino. I hadn’t been to blvd before… Such a cute place, and I was so glad to meet Kate and Blaire. #besties

unnamed (12)

Galentine’s Night

All in all, great weekend. Always great to see Parker and to harass her the whole weekend about moving here :)

Let’s talk about something healthier than drinks on drinks and queso (you better believe I stocked up on everything green at Trader Joe’s this morning)… workouts and Sunday prep coming up—>



Stair mill workout + random ab work


Workout #4 from the Winter Shape Up series




12-minute treadmill workout (jog 2 minutes, then each minute I increased the speed – 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, walk, then 1 minute each at 7.0, 8.0, 9.0) + the deadly Muncher Cruncher workout that left my legs dead for 2 days (it was the workout with low lunge/row/bicep curl/shoulder press, plank + mountain climber combos, deadlifts, and side plank twists)






Walked around Trader Joe’s

It was a lighter week workout-wise (even though that one workout almost killed me), but I was pretty tired this week and had a good bit going on, so honor thy body y’all and rest when you need it!

Sunday Prep

unnamed (29)

Roasted kale, roasted shaved brussel sprouts, roasted veggie mix (zucchini, mushrooms & butternut squash), tempeh marinated in liquid aminos and a hard-boiled egg. ONE, people, ONE. That’s the only one out of six that actually cooked correctly. I’m over it. I finally am trying hemp seeds, too!

unnamed (28)

YAY! They are a great source of protein and vitamins, and I just felt like a healthy hippie buying them! I put a tablespoon in my overnight oats for tomorrow morning, so we will see how that goes :)

This cracked me up —> 23 Things That Are Steamier Than “50 Shades of Grey”

GREAT NEWS! The ZOOMA women’s race series announced that they are coming to Nashville! Wine, shopping, yoga, post-race massages… heaven. This race is right up my alley… and only 265 days away! Go sign up and run with me!!


Time for round 1 of The Bachelor this week! (2 episodes in one week makes me way happier than it should). Hope you had an awesome weekend!


How do you use hemp seeds? Cooking/food answers, only, people!


Ever run a ZOOMA race?


Any cold runs this weekend?


Hi! What a perfect (and productive) Sunday this has been! I’ve been meal prepping, coffee chugging, and catching up on my TGIT shows :) Scandal is just getting wild, isn’t it?!

unnamed (10)

Yes, yes I do.

And I’ve been working on a little DIY beauty project that I will share later this week! The secret ingredients…

unnamed (16)

Luckily I got taken off the work schedule this weekend, so it was time to celebrate! My coworkers and I met up at happy hour for a little Friday fun. They thought I was fancy ordering wine… man, do I have them fooled.


After happy hour, Brent and I ventured to Whole Foods to play at our favorite salad bar. I picked a bunch of Asian-themed toppings (and tofu!) and added my own TJ’s soy ginger dressing + liquid aminos at home. Tried a new bottle of wine, too. My friend sent me a picture of this new Apothic special edition, and I had to have it!

unnamed (1)

I called it an early night Friday so I could wake up for a 7:15 cycle class! It was an hour long, and I was so so sweaty. I was surprised to see how packed the class was… it was fun hanging out with fellow Saturday morning crazies like me. The instructor was awesome too. She kicked my butt, but she also was super inspirational, telling us to make a mental list of 5 things we are grateful for when the class was getting tough. It was like I was in a yoga class (except that I wanted to puke a little).

unnamed (2)

I hobbled to the grocery store and then home to clean up for one of my friend’s baby shower! I hadn’t ever been to a baby shower before (weird, right?), and it was a great time. Plus, I got to cuddle with other babies there which was precious.

unnamed (4)

Loved catching up with Joanna. She and her husband live in Memphis (we went to PT school together), so I was missing her! And I hadn’t gotten to rub her pregnant belly in awhile, so I took full advantage of her it (thanks, Jo!). I got to meet this sweet little girl too. Baby Uggs are officially the cutest thing ever.

unnamed (5)

I guess I dressed appropriately for my first baby shower since I matched the mom-to-be (she looks so great!!)

Sipped on a mimosa while enjoying a chicken salad sandwich, fruit annnnd a chocolate-covered strawberry before watching Joanna open gifts.

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Obsessed with the name Avery! So sweet.

I said goodbye to Joanna and her family after a couple hours, because I was off to my first Vandy basketball game (Brent got tickets through work). The arena is really cool! The game wasn’t too interesting (until after we left, apparently Vandy pulled away and won by 15??), but we had fun anyway. I mostly enjoyed the free Diet Cokes :)

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We left around the start of the 4th quarter (I think?) and since it was still pretty nice out, we grabbed a patio seat at Soulshine Pizza. I ordered a hummus plate to snack on with some celery sticks on the side, and a glass (goblet) of champagne.

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Great little weekend! So, before I reveal my Sunday meal prep, let’s recap my workouts from the week:

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told you I love my aminos.


Hill run on the treadmill (Workout #5 from the Winter Shape Up)


Workout #1 from Winter Shape Up –> LOVE this workout. Went up on my weights this week for it and was so sore!


30-min barre video


Jump rope interval workout (2min jump + 25 reps of random back exercises, repeat until I had to get ready for work)


Plyo legs + upper body weights workout


1 hr cycle class



Sunday Meal Prep

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Here’s what was prepped:

  • turkey meatballs – protein topper for my zoodles & spaghetti squash dinners
  • zucchini – (had a leftover one from the zoodles) to mix in with the spaghetti squash
  • quinoa – quinoa bowls for lunch this week
  • spaghetti squash
  • roasted kale – to add to spaghetti squash
  • roasted mushrooms – for the zoodle pasta
  • protein pancakes – breakfast!
  • sliced strawberries – (I’m more likely to eat them if they’re already sliced up) for breakfasts

I pre-made 5 protein pancakes to heat up at work this week. Each pancake has 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon, 1 scoop Designer Whey vanilla protein powder, 1/4 c egg whites

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So glad my roommate got a spiralizer. I’ve been wanting to try zoodles for forever. Zoodling is fun!!

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The zucchini aftermath. Weird.

unnamed (13)

Turkey meatballs! In a bowl, I mixed up 1 package ground turkey, 1/2 c oats, 1/4 c egg whites, basil, oregano, sea salt. Ball ‘em up and brown ‘em!

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Amazing Lettucewich today. See how I’m caressing it? Love. Got crazy with the make-your-own-soda machine and got 3/4 Diet Dr. Pepper and 1/4 Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Whoa.

unnamed (17)

The zoodles turned out great! I sauteed them in a pan for a few minutes, added Newman’s Own marinara, mushrooms, low fat feta and voila!

unnamed (19)

So, the plan was to top it off with 2 turkey meatballs (#fail), so they got served atop marinara after dinner while watching the Grizzlies game. Delicious!!

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Walking Dead is back tonight! Ok, so I don’t really keep up with it, but Brent does, and it always means fro-yo night. We used to go to Sweet Cece’s, but that’s obviously not the healthiest (and it gets expensive when I’m your date… My cup always weights 5 lbs). Now, I like to make my own. I found this new Chobani flip flavor (salted caramel crunch) this weekend and immediately thought it would be the perfect specimen for homemade fro-yo! I mean, built-in toppings?! Perfection.

unnamed (18)

caramel yogurt + frozen bananas + Designer Whey chocolate protein powder

unnamed (21)

added toppings from each ‘flip’ container: salted pretzels, chocolate + pralines & pecans

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Are you watching the Grammys? I hope I catch Adam Levine before Walking Dead comes on :)


Do you drink soda? What’s your drink of choice? Least favorite?  I don’t drink them very often at all (I try not to douse my body with chemicals too often), but I loooove Diet Coke & Diet Dr. P!! We have Diet Shasta at work, and it makes me want to gag.

What was the workout highlight of your weekend?

Aren’t baby showers fun?! We didn’t play any of those typical baby shower games involving diapers or baby food, and I was thankful. Just spending time with the soon-to-be-momma and writing well wishes for the baby was perfect!

cocktails & cookbooks

Helloooo! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I had a fun time being back in Memphis for my sister and her fiance’s wedding shower! The weekend started with an early morning garage workout on Friday around 4:45am (had to have time to pack up the car and make it to Dunkin Donuts before work, duh).


I completed a 15-minute jump rope circuit that was no joke! Don’t you love the pink Bosu ball?? It makes me so happy. I jumped rope for one minute, followed by a burpee variation for 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of rest. It was quick but I had a good sweat going.

I was hoping to see this on our drive, but no such luck…


After I got off work Friday, I picked up Brent and we stopped at his parents’ house when we got in town to feed their dog.


Hi, Raleigh!

And my Cheez-It radar was spot on… found these within 3 minutes of walking in the door…

photo 1_

Let the carb loading begin! Good thing I did… Saturday morning, I joined Brent for an outdoor workout at his high school (his old high school… he is not currently in high school, although he is younger than me).

photo 1

Hello, sun! I haven’t seen you in about 3 months!!


It was a little chilly, so we both wore some stylish headbands while flipping tires. Well, I flipped the tire 3 times then decided to do burpee box jumps on the tire instead, since I hadn’t done any burpees since Friday morning.

photo 2

photo 3


We did a random series of tire flips, bodyweight exercises, sprints, bleacher work, and I found the biggest step ever for step ups. I’m a little sore today.

photo 4

And I learned “how to hit” in the home dugout… high school boys are so clever.

photo 5

Yes, #6 says “pimp that shit”. I think we can all learn something from this.

After the workout, we got ready and met our good friends Andrew, Staten and Andrew’s beard for brunch/lunch at The Half Shell.

photo 4_

I have missed them so much! We got to catch up over two hours and two mimosas… MINI BOTTLES. In lieu of a long run, I tapered with mimosas. Brilliant.

photo 2_

It was about 12:30 by the time we ate, but I was still craving breakfast food, so I went with the veggie three-egg omelet (mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and hold the peppers, yuck) with an English muffin and a side of fruit.

photo 3_

photo 5_

Had to get a picture outside… can you tell how happy I am that it was sunny out? Or maybe it was because I got to see Staten…


We said goodbye to Staten and Andrew and headed to Midtown to meet up with some more of my friends! We had a couple beers on one of my favorite Memphis patios (patio in January?!) –> Chiwawa! I really wish I had been hungry, because their nachos are incredible. If you ever get a chance to go, they have specialty hotdogs AND tacos on the menu, so everyone is happy.


Sarah, Parker and my self-made ombre hair.


Found a clown on the way back to the car…


Time to party! Two of Suzi’s friends hosted a fun Cocktails & Cookbooks shower for them… it was a kitchen shower/stock-the-bar combo.

photo 11

The lovely couple! My sister got that awesome dress on Rent the Runway. I’ve never used the site before, but I may look into it now after seeing her dress! Except I would have spilled red wine all over that white dress for sure. Way to be graceful, Suzi!

photo 20

College friends and high school friends…

photo 30 - Copy

photo 50

Some of Suzi’s friends came in town from as far as New York and Texas, so it was really special having everyone together! Brent and my brother’s roommate made the family picture. The party got me really excited for all the wedding fun and celebrating coming up this spring!

photo 500

After all the fun this weekend, I needed something healthy this morning, so I popped open this baby that I found at the Whole Foods in Memphis… only $2.99! Pretty awesome price compared to most juices.


I still had to complete Sunday Prep Day and went right to Trader Joe’s when I got back to Nashville. Stocked up on anything green and colorful (see the mini blood oranges?? yay!).


My plan for the week:

Breakfast: green smoothies (2 with chocolate whey & banana, 2 with vanilla whey & strawberries/blueberries). Everything is better in a Mason jar.


Snacks: hardboiled eggs, edamame hummus + baby carrots, Detour Simple bars, string cheese

Lunches: open-faced tuna & avocado sandwiches, blood oranges

Dinners: Roasted kale, cauliflower, mushrooms, zucchini with veggie burgers

The plan also is to stay nice and hydrated this week before my New Orleans trip to run the Rock n Roll half marathon! Getting excited!!

Went to Whole Foods tonight to make a monster salad (I don’t even know what’s in it… I always black out from happiness at that salad bar and come back with a bunch of random things that don’t go together).


 Have a great Sunday night… and go Pats…? I’m cheering them on with Brent while fighting a fro yo craving… wish me luck!



Do your salads from Whole Foods make sense?


What did you do this weekend? Did you see the sun?


Any races coming up??