At My House Survey

Morning!! Here’s a picture of my nephew doing yoga to start your day:

Namaste from Otis

Hope your week is going great so far. I have some fun hump day plans with coworkers and my roommate after I get finished with Girls on the Run practice: SUSHI! Sushi and 5pm happy hour is just what I need before this supposed winter storm comes through (AGAIN??).

Here’s what my eats have looked like this week – another round of #WIAW !

What I Ate Wednesday


Svelte cappuccino protein shake & banana


Made my own lettucewich!

2 Romaine leaves, 1 Laughing Cow garlic & herb wedge, 3 slices turkey, 1/2 avocado, tomato, a few cornichons (the cutest of tiny pickles), garlic salt + oregano

green juice (1/2 jar)


2 hard-boiled eggs

baby carrots & hummus, pear


Shredded chicken, roasted mushrooms, kale & green beans, pureed cauliflower

I probably ate 17,000 handfuls of Goldfish at work too. Darn you, artificially flavored cheese crackers!

I’ve seen this At My House survey around the blogosphere lately and thought it would be fun to include in today’s post! I love surveys and learning random things about other people – do you remember the surveys/quizzes that we used to send around on e-mail chains forever ago (most likely in Comic Sans MS font)? Yea, loved those.

At My House Survey

  • Household chore I actually enjoy…

Washing dishes. Like, actually hand washing them. Maybe it’s because they get to air dry for awhile, and I don’t have to think about putting them away (a chore I do NOT enjoy).


so true.

On another dishes note, if rearranging/organizing dishes in the dishwasher counts, I’m a big fan. It’s one of my talents.


  • Biggest house disaster…

The house that my roommates and I rent had the water heater die on us a couple weeks ago. THE HORROR. No showering there for 3 days, and it was right when my friend Parker came in town! The floor of my closet could be considered disastrous as well. I just don’t know where to put all the shoes!

  • Before company arrives, I hide…

The piles of papers I leave on my dresser. I really need a desk, people!

  • Most recent music download…

Sugar by Maroon 5. Still obsessed. I downloaded Spotify finally, so hopefully I will be branching out to some new music soon!

  • The last thing I bought online…

J.Crew shorts for $20!!! This was a great deal I found at J.Crew Factory (I had a discount code too). My favorite white shorts are no longer wearable, and since they are the main (only) summer clothing staple I own, I needed to replace them.

  • I hate to shop for…

Clothing. Ugh, I know, I’m not a real female. I do love shopping for workout clothes, and I occasionally will be in the mood to hop into someplace fabulous like Anthropologie. But, otherwise, I just order clothes online when I need something (see J.Crew shorts above)!


  • Favorite family ritual/tradition…

Christmas Eve, hands down. I love when our family gets together, has a couple cocktails at the house and then heads to dinner at our favorite Italian spot in Memphis on Christmas Eve. We have done this for so long, it always makes me feel so happy just thinking about it! We then usually drive around and look at Christmas lights afterward. I love this night’s tradition!

  • I sleep in…

In the winter, a long sleeve t-shirt. In the summer, a short sleeve t-shirt. :)

  • I have a style crush on…

Jennifer Aniston. Casual but put-together.

 (source)           (source)

And dressed-up… simple and classy! Love her.


  • I’m currently reading…

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So great so far. It’s about a man living with a spinal cord injury and a woman who is hired to work with him… it’s emotional, funny at times and has kept me intrigued so far!

  • How did I ever live without…

Trader Joe’s. I didn’t have one in Memphis, so it’s been a real treat having one so close by in Nashville. I love everything about it, and I actually look forward to grocery shopping now!

Your turn!!

Answer any of these survey questions!!:


What’s a household chore you actually enjoy?

Most recent music download?

What do you hate to shop for?

Style crush?